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Weak Payrolls Number Spurs Commodity Buying

from Dan Norcini:

Traders were holding their breath to see whether or not today’s expected Payrolls number was going to confirm last month’s number as a one-off or whether we would get yet another abysmal reading. We got the latter.

Immediately talk of the Fed going on hold for any further tapering emerged and with it, down went the US Dollar along with Treasury yields. The result – hot money poured into equities and strangely enough, into commodities.

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1 comment to Weak Payrolls Number Spurs Commodity Buying

  • george

    —like a shooting range for Mr Dan? like bullets flying around, same as all the bs flying around, the sharks and vampires surrounding poor Mr Dan…he just is too challenged in this environment.
    Can’t say as I blame him, as the lies spewing all over MSM everywhere make anyone confused. But this is the plan: to keep us confused, this IS MSM’s work!

    Uh, Gold is Money.

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