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by Jin Quinn, The Burning Platform:

The report from RealtyTrac last week proves beyond the shadow of a doubt the supposed housing market recovery is a complete and utter fraud. The corporate mainstream media did their usual spin job on the report by focusing on the fact foreclosure starts in 2013 were the lowest since 2007. Focusing on this meaningless fact (because the Too Big To Trust Wall Street Criminal Banks have delayed foreclosure starts as part of their conspiracy to keep prices rising) is supposed to convince the willfully ignorant masses the housing market is back to normal. It’s always the best time to buy!!!

The talking heads reading their teleprompter propaganda machines failed to mention that distressed sales (short sales & foreclosure sales) rose to a three year high of 16.2% of all U.S. residential sales, up from 14.5% in 2012. The economy has been supposedly advancing for over four years and sales of distressed homes are at 16.2% and rising.

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  • Frank Zak

    Actually, it proves Zero Hedge is a fraud
    and the alternative media.

    I have been a broker 33 years. The articles
    you are reading are written by people with the I.Q.’s
    of fish.

    It is my opinion the communists have infiltratated
    the alternative media under the guise of truth tellers.

    The inventory levels of available homes for sale
    is increddibly low.

    I am calling another bottom in an extension pattern up.

    Notice Bob English (Zero Hedge) ended up on Russian TV ?
    And, constantly is insane about people not owning
    real estate ?

    Ron Paul’s biggest recommendation now is residential real estate
    along with every major gold bug at the l;ast Kitco conference.

    Thanks to Zero Hedge a generation of youngsters lost thier
    opportunities to be owners, instead of renters, the rest
    of their lives.

    I do not agree with communists about not owning real estate.

  • Frank Zak

    Notice this bull crap about real estate is being
    written at a time when it is going up ?

    Communists don’t like that. They don’t want you
    to own real estate.

    Years from now, after the real estate market
    continually goes up, these same people will
    present bogus info to you.

    “Have you now, or have you ever been a member of
    the communist party ?”

    Zero Hedge should answer this question. It was a lie at the time,
    but is appears to be the truth now.

    (Never mind spurious silver gurus, whom always lie to
    the public)

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