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Unmitigated Mining Industry Disaster Portends Upcoming Production Plunge

by Andy Hoffman,

“No Janet, the economy is not getting better.”  This was a Zero Hedge headline this morning, on a day in which yet another historic snowstorm is pounding the Eastern Seaboard.  Luckily for “Whirlybird Janet,” it was powerful enough to cancel today’s Senate economic testimony; at which, she’d continue to speak of the economic “recovery” that has been supposedly ongoing for five years – but hasn’t increased anything but unemployment, debt, entitlements, wealth inequality and political infighting.  Heck, Rand Paul – who may well be the Republican Presidential candidate in 2016 – actually sued Obama today!

As for the snowstorm, have no worries; as the Senate only required one hour last night to rubber stamp the House’s infamy in passing the debt ceiling “delay” enabling the printing presses to run full steam for another year.   And full steam they will, as our “dependency nation” implodes further; potentially to 2008 levels – or worse – in the coming months. 

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