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This Is Why The Gold & Silver Shorts Are So Terrified Today

from KingWorldNews:

The cartel has demonstrated they will continue to manipulate the paper or electronic market for gold. That is where their power lies.

When you have a digital printing press, which the Fed and the BIS both have, and you’re backstopping massive banks that are your agent banks, like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, in a market where almost no one stands for delivery, such as the Comex, essentially you can abuse and manipulate virtually at will. This simply requires that they don’t mind violating rules, and these guys don’t mind. This is why they are constantly being charged with illegal behavior. They’ve admitted to a number of different counts already.

So if they want to try to take the gold market significantly lower, they can do so by showing up with a naked 400 ton short sale order.

William Kaye continues @

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2 comments to This Is Why The Gold & Silver Shorts Are So Terrified Today

  • Ariel

    Right on – BUT america has been” controlled byy the Banksters, those warmongering irresponsible sociopaths that will take the country down to 3rd world status – and quickly!
    The sheeple zombie yanks are in denial, they are toast as far as doing anything about anything (well Hollywood cia productions gets their blood flowing again, or maybe a sex change, they may get up for that, eh?) Shalom bozos.

  • Z

    Look at Ripley about to get her throat chewed out by the Alien… She really looks scared. Fear & Hype sells and KWN does a great job of it.

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