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This Is How the New Government in Ukraine Deals with Opponents

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

The bankers and EU apparatchiks now controlling Ukraine through their fascist proxies have a poster child for the movement – Alexander Muzychko. The thug Muzychko was caught on tape earlier this week exercising his version of discipline: smacking around a man who works for Ukraine’s prosecutor’s office. Not able to terrorize the prosecutor, who wasn’t in the office, the Right Sector knuckle dragger assaulted his staff.

The behavior is identical to that used by Hitler’s brownshirts against their political opposition. One wonders how long it will be before bodies are floating in the Dnieper River and concentration camps are brimming with political enemies.

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1 comment to This Is How the New Government in Ukraine Deals with Opponents

  • Zoner

    What would you know about Hitler’s brownshirts? Where you there? Or did you absorb the victor’s propaganda, who, as we all know writes history.

    It would be far more appropriate for you to look into your own backyard and quote the deeds of your very own US government crime gang and police minions of today.

    Always deflecting and making it easy on yourselves, you US citizens, aren’t you?

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