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The Paper Silver & Gold Dominoes Are Falling — Jan Skoyles

Writer and researcher Jan Skoyles from joins us to discuss German gold, the paper silver and gold Ponzi, three dead international bankers in one week and the stunning work of her pal Koos Jansen, the man Harvey Organ calls “the go-to researcher” when it come to Chinese gold accumulation and the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Thanks for tuning in.

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27 comments to The Paper Silver & Gold Dominoes Are Falling — Jan Skoyles

  • Troy

    I can’t wait until the day the physical silver market drys up…that is going to be very exciting. Even though the spot price may still be $20 something or $30 something…the physical price on eBay or Craigslist may be over $100…or maybe in the hundreds per ounce. Just don’t tell anyone you have silver. Or if you sell some…tell the buyer that “this is the last of my silver”. Thats what I did in 2011-2012 when I sold most of my silver. At this point, I’m placing orders from Provident and SD Bullion every two weeks. I get a few buyers together and do one big order. Yesterday I got 20 Santa Slave BU’s, 8 Peace on Earth BU’s, one Santa proof, and one Sic Semper proof…damn I love those. Next week I’m ordering Bitcon’s and 1/2 ounce Shekel’s. Damn, I love silver!

  • Troy

    Great interview SGT! I’m seeing BIG TIME silver buying in my area…exciting! One thing that sucks though…nobody is selling 90%…and because silver is so cheap right now, I would like to start buying 90% again…can’t get it for melt price anymore “coinflation” price. Big premiums on nice condition 90%.

  • mark s mann

    Hey SGT Crew.

    Kick ass interview. Nice Work!

    On the topic of the (3) dead banker criminals:

    I think what we are going to see these stories fade out of the news cycle pretty quickly, unless more of these turds turning up dead. Then its an undeniable trend. I would not be surprised if a few of these banker turds come up “missing”. You cant have a murder without a body. I think as banks and financial institutions become more stressed and melt down, we will be hearing stories about bankers that have gone “missing” or have “disappeared”. “TPTB” will say that these people have “run off” and absconded will untold vast amounts of money. Maybe they will even blame some of these guys for things. Personally I don’t care what happens to the bankers. At the levels in the syndicate / cartel these people are playing in, they are from innocent in my eyes. It will be interesting to see if this dead banker trend continues, and how the mocking birds will try and spin that. I think the main strategy will be NOT to talk about it at all, and offer as few details as possible.

    • SGT

      Mark, although the name of the agency escaped my mind during the interview so I said “when the world’s regulators” come, and the only thing standing between truth and the criminal bank is you… what I meant to cite specifically is Interpol — Interpol is crawling all over D. Bank and executives are reportedly turning into song birds. I’m not saying Interpol is trustworthy to root out and prosecute actual bankster crimes, but given German government demands and their increasingly angry public statements, it IS interesting.

  • Tom G.

    Thanks for the interview Sean, Rory, and Peter. I think the politicians will begin to join the bankers in the future as well. Jan was great.

  • Steven

    The manipulation and paper contracts will NEVER end.Investor’s are just too stupid to call their inventory into actual physical possession.

    One of the most truthful comments I have read in a long time

    “Silver will continue to be a huge BLAH as long as paper silver is attached to it. Paper silver has practically unlimited supply. What commodity goes up when the supply is unlimited?

    Just like they can create money out of thin air they can do with contracts hurting any chance of physical ever really gaining any ground.SORRY FOLKS,BUT PRECIOUS METALS ARE A BAD INVESTMENT.INVEST IN THINGS YOU’LL ACTUALLY NEED AND CAN USE LIKE WATER,FOOD,GUNS,AMMO,GENERATORS ETC…You brain dead neighbor does not care about precious metals and they won’t care when they are starving for food and certainly won’t trade away their food for a coin.

    • Damn Steven….. great call out on what will REALLY be needed in the future.

      The wife scoffs at each new package that shows up on the doorstep. Heritage seeds filled yesterday’s delivery.

      I prepare as best I can, but will I ever be totally ready???? Probably not. I’ve got the alternate power thingy down though.

  • Nick

    “The manipulation and paper contracts will NEVER end.Investor’s are just too stupid to call their inventory into actual physical possession.”

    The Chinese investors aren’t stupid. China will reset the market eventually based on the physical, rather than on the counterfeit paper promises.

    • MRH

      That’s exactly right, Nick. If the Chinese were not planning on making massive changes, involving gold and silver, why would they be buying ALL available mining output? They wouldn’t.

    • STEVEN

      Reset the market into what?? All that Gold and Silver just gets converted into paper dollars anyway.What China does won’t reflect too much on the brain dead public in the USA.

      plus,China is just one entity controlled by the true Elite Rulers that run the world.

      • beligerant

        @STEVEN: What’s naive is to view these wealthier countries buying massive amounts of gold with the assumption they’ll just convert into paper anyway. No one buys this much gold because they are bored or just fascinated with shiny metals.

  • Nick


    “Reset the market into what??”

    Reset the market back to the actual physical gold: no more gold and silver confetti markets.

    Physical gold—and silver, too—is the preeminent form of money. Gold is fungible: one ounce in England is exactly the same as one ounce of gold in the UK.

    On the other hand, diamonds, for instance, are less fungible because a jeweler has to examine a diamond to check the carats and the quality.

    Now paper is just an IOU for gold from some institution, which may or may not actually have the actual physical gold in the vault–or they may have the gold— but they also lent it out to seven other people that are of higher priority than your or me.

    Now I hope that physical currency isn’t completely going away—because it sure is convenient, and I still have something to hold in my hand with paper, unlike digital currencies.

    So what’s the difference if some of the gold is going to be converted into paper later? Well you want to try to convert that physical gold into paper that is actually backed by gold. Don’t hold your breath on that ever happening again in the US, but the Chinese currency is apparently trying to do that—backing their paper with gold.

    Understand that it doesn’t really matter what the local IOU currency is later on when you need to go to the BP station or the CVS pharmacy. Just realize that the physical gold/silver will buy whatever people are using as money later on—but that doesn’t make it automatically seamless in the land of the brain-dead zombies. (Regardless, don’t become one of them.) However, some of my new Chinese neighbors living down the street in McMansions probably don’t need the value of gold explained to them—only because this stuff is drilled into them with their cultural upbringing. My understanding is that the symbol for money also represents gold in China. So paper is always an inferior representation of actual genuine article: gold.

    China has a population of four or five times the US population. China with the other BRICS nations have already essentially surpassed the US economically. The fifth column elite did that to the US.

    Now China is probably working closely with the elite, but if the Rothschild clan ordered the Chinese to send all of their gold to London—I do not think for a second the Chinese would go along with that. Everyone is playing everyone else to some degree.

  • Tim

    Thanks SGT! However, I have looked all over the place in alternative media about the market dropping 1200 points this past week while at the same time 4 bankers have been “found dead”. I understand all the alternative media has screamed til blue in the face that something big is coming for years. Well, it may or may not be here now even though it’s slowly been crashing for some time. Why isn’t anyone touching this? The DOW has dropped 1200 points in a week. Is there someone out there to put this all in layman terms? Today alone it dropped over 300 points. knock, knock, it’s crashing now at the very least a bit, can we get some news on it alternative media, I have looked all over the place. We need to get to it before the gov’t owned MSM starts spinning all of this into a deep hole of lies and deceit like yahoo has. I’m not an expert and no one has a crystal ball, but there has to be some inkling of truth explanation out there now. I guess it’s time to run for the hills if no one is talking about it, which if no one is talking about it then that may be more scary than propaganda.

    • SGT

      Hey T. Personally speaking, I’m not concerned about the DOW dropping 1,000 points in a week after the FED-pumping multi-year run from 6,600 to 16,000. It should have “corrected” a long time ago. It ought to drop a LOT further in order to reflect reality & to wake up a few of the sheeple who worship at the alter of the DOW.


    Interesting interview with Rob Kirby. His views on the 10YR seem contrary to what is expected. It’s worth your time.

  • Ed_B

    In any situation, no matter how dire it may appear, there are always bright spots that we can look to for encouragement. If these bankster deaths are not thinly veiled assassinations, it is entirely possible that the global elites are in sheer terror right now because of what may be happening that is not part of their plan. I allude to the possibility that these deaths could well be the result of mid-level bankster minions developing a conscience. Yes, I know this sounds far-fetched but is it really? As people age, they often begin to wonder what comes after this life and what their place will be in that reality. This is the beginning of how a conscience begins to develop in those who never thought about such things when they were younger. If they have come to realize the great harm they have done to so many of their fellow human beings, the know that some serious atonement is in order. So much, in fact, that there is no way they can do so at this point. Despair overcomes them and they kill themselves. If this is happening, then we should continue to see more and more of this as time goes on. Banksters are not tough or brave. This is why so many of them are starting to sing like canaries. They know that those who sing first will get the best and perhaps only deals for leniency when they end up in court. If what they are saying now is truly investigated and followed up on, then we could see the entire bankster fraud rolled up in one gigantic and epic elite disaster. We can all take great comfort from that possibility.

    Gold and silver are many things to most of us. They are money. They are real wealth. They are financial insurance. They are also great protection from long-term inflation. In 1914 one could buy for $1 many of the same things that cost about $24 today. The amount of inflation that we’ve had in the past 100 years is more than 23 times what we would have had under a hard-money standard. We know that this is true because the amount of inflation between 1814 and 1914 was virtually nil.

    Since the Fed was created in 1913, along with the income tax to guarantee interest payments required when our currency is borrowed into existence. WW-I starting less than 1 year later was also not a coincidence. Bankster money supporting the Bolshevik government in Russia and later the Hitler regime in Germany and WW-2 were also not unrelated coincidences. All was done to ensure that a big bad enemy was out there so that we would need strong leaders and trillions of dollars spent on the arms industries in which banksters had invested heavily. But such spending would not have been possible without the ability of governments to borrow and spend VAST sums of money, which they could not easily do when gold and silver were money because there simply was not enough of them to serve that purpose. But un-backed money can be borrowed into existence at interest, printed, and spent in unlimited amounts. Because this “money” is borrowed into existence at interest, the national debt can never be paid off. We’re not paying it off or even down now. All we are doing is paying the interest as it comes due and then “rolling over” the old bonds (debt) into new ones. This is the financial equivalent of paying off one credit card with another credit card. Those who do this are forever in debt and the level of debt they carry is forever increasing. Sound familiar yet? It should because this is EXACTLY how the US Gov manages its finances. If you or I tried that, we would go bankrupt very quickly. The same will happen to the US Gov, it just takes longer when something so much larger is involved. It took the Soviets about 70 years to bankrupt their country. So, how long has it been since Bretton Woods? Hmmm… 2014 – 1944, whaddaya know… 70 years! Watch it, people, the S really is about to HTF.

    During the last round of debt ceiling squabbles in DC in 2012, the president of the United States of America came on TV and stated in exasperation, “If we can’t borrow more money, we can’t pay our bills!”. When I heard this, my jaw literally dropped because this IS the classic definition of bankruptcy. Although he announced in that nationally televised news segment that the USA was bankrupt, it was clear from his comments and facial expressions that he had no clue that this was what he had just stated. Personally, I do not know which is worse… being bankrupt or being totally ignorant of the fact.

    • Praxis

      I do hope you are accurately determining that pulse. That would be good news.
      Thanks Ed.

      I’d rather admit reality than feign fealty to an amorphous monstrosity (in which its design, is slavery).

      We can confront consequences much more clearly than we can stand up to vaporous “aphorisms”.

      • Ed_B

        Praxis… there are times when I REALLY hope that I am wrong about a lot of this stuff because if I am not, then we are in for some VERY hard times. Times that will first rival and then exceed those of the 1930s. I would not wish that on anyone, let alone my family and friends, as well as all of the great folks here on SGT Report, Silver Doctors, and some of the other great alternative media / truth web sites.

        I strongly agree with SGT that “we are all in this together”. In the past, in times of great need, Americans have pulled together and gotten through very hard times as well as anyone could. I am very much in favor of a hand up for those who need it but not for hand outs that cost tax-payers more than they can afford and cheapen the gift to those who receive unearned benefits. It’s not only economics and finance that are coming to a head, it is the government bubble as well. We simply have more of it than we can afford and it is bankrupting us.

        As to slavery, well, idiots have been trying to enslave others ever since Man came down from the trees. This is theft of their labor, pure and simple. While a lot of it is external, a lot is also internal. Slaves cannot be made of free people who refuse to be slaves. Only a willing participant can be completely enslaved. Granted, slaves are most often beaten into submission but even that cannot truly enslave a person who believes themselves to be free. Death is not the worst thing that can happen to us. We should not let either it or its threat put us in a place that actually is worse.

  • Jackson L.

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