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The New Social Class Structure of the United States

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

America is being nudged and now pushed into the heinous world of Agenda 21. However, I believe that when self-preservation takes over, the use of force will be necessary to get most people to willingly go along with this encroaching tyranny. This is another topic for another article.

Whistleblowers such as Deborah Tavares, Rosa Korie and Patrick Wood et al., have all been sounding the Agenda 21 alarm for a very long time. Yet, with each and every passing day, we see new stories which inch us toward the end point destination of total tyrannical control of our daily lives which will result in the loss of our fortunes. No matter how many times a journalist in the alternative media identifies Agenda 21 as the scourge on the planet, it seems as if more people are not listening, and even fewer are acting. This is because most of our population is no longer capable of critical thinking and subsequently accept the unproven philosophies of climate change and the Agenda 21 policies which underlie this myth. Most Americans feel that going along with the social planners will help them survive and even thrive. Too much CNN, too much FOX, too much fluoridated water and too many distractions have left us with a country incapable of defending itself from enemies both foreign and domestic.

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2 comments to The New Social Class Structure of the United States

  • jonathan

    That pyramid chart pretty much says it all. But this is nothing new it’s been like this for years. That’s what the Fed is for, to keep the old families permanently wealthy by keeping us paying interest on everything we do in life.

  • glitter 1

    Agenda 21 is just one of the manifestations of the ongoing Communist Manifesto’s drive to “Eliminate Personal Property” and subsequently “Elimination of Inheritance”.”The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion”,which is the original blueprint plan to establish “World Government” spawned the “Communist Manifesto”,the elements of which are just the various machinations required to bring it all to fuition.The plan is in it’s latter stages with a full court press in progress.

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