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The Fate Of A Good Banker In Spain’s Financial Bloodbath

In an empire of lies, truth is treason.

by Don Quijones, Testosterone

Given the sheer scale of their recent betrayal, it is tempting to tar all bankers with the same brush. Indeed, in today’s vernacular the words good and banker seem like impossible bedfellows.

But as hard as it may seem, there are still a few good apples out there (though their numbers are falling precipitously). They include people who actually honour their fiduciary responsibilities and care about providing their customers with a good service. One of them is a middle-aged Spanish man called Antonio Gómez Ortega.

Until not too long ago Gómez Ortega was the manager of a branch of Caja Madrid in Linares, a small city nestled in the upper reaches of Spain’s Southern province of Andalusia. In many respects he was a branch manager of the vieja escuela (old school) — dedicated, hard-working, and well regarded both by head office in Madrid and many of his local customers.

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