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Take the All the Presidents’ Bankers Quiz

by Nomi Prins:

Test your knowledge of the past century of blood, family, intermarriage, protégé-mentorship and other ties connecting the White House and Wall Street, that form America’s political-financial genealogy, power circle and most elite caste.  The first five submissions of correct results will receive a free autographed copy of All the Presidents’ Bankers when it comes out. For consideration, please email your answers to [email protected] with the subject: APB Quiz 1. You can also do APB quiz #1 at: Answers for APB Quiz #1 will be posted on March 1, 2014. Discuss or Enjoy!!!

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1 comment to Take the All the Presidents’ Bankers Quiz

  • rich

    What I find amusing is that the Financial Stability Board which is part of the Bank for International Settlements is reviewing the Forex markets.

    The Bank of England seems to have encouraged manipulation of the FX markets so it seems to me that it is the Bank of England that should be investigated. I personally think it is the BIS itself that does the manipulation on behalf of its clients (central banks).
    As you probably know, directors of the BIS have full diplomatic immunity and even though the bank is based in Basel, Switzerland it is basically a sovereign entity.

    How can the manipulators investigate the manipulators?

    what a joke……but it’s on all of us..

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