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Surviving Martial Law

The definition of martial law is simple: The suspension of The Constitution.

by Chris Carrington, The Daily Sheeple:

Once the administration decides that the people are almost at the point of rioting, the troops will hit the streets.

There are many things that will happen quickly once martial law is declared. The order may vary, but it will all most likely start with a curfew. Confiscations of firearms, ammunition, and supplies will most likely follow, with the summary arrest or execution of anyone who resists. Relocations, ‘for public safety’ reasons will be voluntary for those who don’t know any better, and enforced for those who have attracted the attention of the authorities.

There will be nowhere near enough FEMA camp places for the whole population, so make sure you are one of the ones left behind, make sure you are the grey man with the grey family who gives the military no cause for concern. You will not be in the entitlements group who are rounded up to prevent them rioting when their money isn’t paid, and you should not be in the ‘dangerous’ group who most likely won’t even make it to the camp.

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5 comments to Surviving Martial Law

  • Anon

    In 1917, Jacob Schiff handed Lev Bronstein, (Leon Trotsky) $20 Million USD, before Trotsky boarded a ship, in New York Harbor, bound for Russia, and the Rothschild/Schiff-funded overthrow, of the Romanov
    Dynasty, in the plans, since 1824! What did this newly formed “Bolshevist” Government do, under Lenin, then Stalin? These 72-82% “Jews” within the new Russian Government SLAUGHTERED 20-60 MILLION
    RUSSIAN (mainly CHRISTIAN) PEASANTS, and gave the proceeds (personal property, and land) to themselves, and their cronies. Question: With all these dual Israeli/American (Zionist) “Citizens” currently living inside the United States – IS the United States currently being set-up, for another HOLOCAUST?????

    The 20th Century was the HOLOCAUST OF THE “GENTILE” (some 250 Million people died by government, in the 20th Cent.)

    So, why the inordinate focus, of our media, on the reported deaths of the “6 Million” (“Jews”) in Nazi Concentration Camps?

  • Anon

    Look, the 1%-ers – the KLEPTOCRATIC PARASITES, who PRODUCE NOTHING – are DRIVING the U.S., it’s economy, and it’s people – RIGHT INTO THE GROUND. The Zionists, are simply ONE faction, of the 1%-ers.

    Historically, they appear to be a rather powerful faction, at that.

    They appear to take their marching orders, from the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. It’s the FASCIST IDEOLOGY of ZIONISM, that is the problem – NOT the average, street-level “Jew”. What the average, street-level “Jew” needs to understand (as does EVERYONE ELSE), is that our Institutions and Media, have been taken over by FABIAN SOCIALISTS, hell-bent on establishing or maintaining their current status quo – or, global governance – or, bringing on a ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT, with Int’l Central Bankers at the helm. Look, it’s “them” (1%, globally), against “us” (99%, globally).

    • Anon

      What is truly frightening, is that – it seems other countries are waking up to the “EU”/US AGENDA, like the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and the NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) Countries – so that, the Western “elite” 1%-ers, may increasingly feel “cornered”, internationally, and therefore “isolated”, and thereby more likely to focus their INTENSE INSECURITY, and their fascist, socialist tactics INTERNALLY on Americans, as they see their “empire” of control increasingly being met with obstacles, overseas…

  • Anon

    New World Order Pledged to “Jews”: New York Times, Oct. 6, 1940
    (Question: Should civilized humanity be at all concerned about the plight and sufferings of the Palestinians, or just the so-called “Jews”?)

  • The Constitution is a “contract” between the government and the people. In realistic terms they’ve already broken it. If a suspension was actually called out…. the contract is null and void.

    I already know that “they’re” the enemy. Drop The Constitution and it’s pretty much fair game. If the people are targeted, that mentality should be flipped 180 degrees to express our goals for them. The power has always been in the numbers. The time will come for “testing” those numbers.

    Suspension “should” expose the lies for even the most brainwashed. By that time, most folks 401K’s and IRA’s will be gone anyway. I’m getting robbed NOW… I certainly won’t stand by while every last thing I own is stolen from me. And… I “own” my life.

    As far as staying off “The List”…. forget it. You’re already checked off.

    Take this for what it is…. your “government ” IS NOT yours. When they come for me…. I’ll be coming for them.

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