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Self Defense: Pizza Delivery Drivers Arming Themselves

Drivers take their lives into their own hands

by Adan Salazar, Infowars:

Pizza delivery drivers in Indiana have a new appreciation for the Second Amendment after a spate of crimes left two of their colleagues dead.

Drivers for Aunt Polly’s Pizza, a pizza joint in southeast Indianapolis, are warning crooks they might be packing more than hot pies during drop offs.

“I’ve got a lifetime permit and I carry,” Polly’s employee Bill Bruton told CBS affiliate WISH.

He is one of many drivers who are on high alert after two of their colleagues were shot and killed in the line of duty in the past two weeks alone.

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1 comment to Self Defense: Pizza Delivery Drivers Arming Themselves

  • Ed_B

    “Self Defense: Pizza Delivery Drivers Arming Themselves”

    Well, I can see this as going in one of two ways: 1) crime against these hard-working folks will drop; or 2) thieves will be worried about them being armed and simply shoot them from ambush, just in case. If the delivery person was armed, then the killer / thief also gets a gun to go along with the free pizza and money they were able to get. I hope and pray that it goes well for the good guys.

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