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Sandy Hook; GAME OVER: NO Deaths of Victims in the Official Record

[Ed. Note: For posterity’s sake, when we posted this remarkable video to SGT Report it had a total of 266 views on You Tube. Let’s see where it goes from here.]

from livingonplanetZ:

The Sandy Hook shooting official narrative is now dead. We have seen in previous films how the Newtown school “shooting” was interconnected not only to the CIA, but also that Dawn Hochsprung – a supposed ‘victim’ of the event – is closely related to the family of a key propagandist. This propagandist AND Hochsprung are secretly and closely related to Peter Lanza – and therefore to the entire “Lanza” family!

While some geneology websites list the ‘official’ Sandy Hook victims in database searches, it was discovered that NONE of the “deaths” were actually traceable to the town of Sandy Hook in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Why? Inconsistencies in the various proprietary databases suggested TAMPERING WITH THR RECORDS as the cause. Indeed, it has been revealed that a systematic effort was made about one year before the “massacre”, to block or limit public access to such records!

In this document, you will see the results of a painstakingly thorough search of the ORIGINAL Social Security Death Master File for the Sandy Hook “victims.” The results are shocking. A great deal of information is made available, so anyone can verify the result for themselves.

The Boston Marathon “bombing” taught us much about how the fake death industry works – particularly in connection with Sandy Hook (see… — The Fake Death Industry). Here, we can see it in action, with the people who put it to use.

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35 comments to Sandy Hook; GAME OVER: NO Deaths of Victims in the Official Record

  • Phil Downunder

    All this crap and BS just to get your guns America.

    All the more reason to hang on to them even tighter.

    What in God’s name are they planning??

  • Nice work by somebody, but IT DOESN’T MATTER. Nothing is going to change, NOTHING. Boston was a hoax, has anything been done about it? A president who’s not a citizen, has anything been done about it? 911 an inside job, has anything been done about it? Wall Street robbing us blind, has anything been done about it? Monopoly money created out of thin air, “lent out” to us as debt that can NEVER be fully paid paid back, has anything been done about it? Millions dead and country’s destroyed over outright lies, has anything been done about it? Poison in our foods, poison in the sky, weather that’s manipulated to gross proportions, has anything been done about it? Filth on TV shows and pure propaganda for news, has anything been done about it?

    It might be time for people to wake up and take a good whiff of reality. Your “government” is not yours. It has been TOTALLY subverted. Every aspect is controlled.

    You’re along for the ride………………. until YOU decide it’s time to get off.

    • jonathan

      I agree with everything you said but the fact is this i how revolutions start. The people in power push no one pushes back so they keep pushing next thing you know critical mass has been reached and the people in power can’t change the crimes they committed so the people overthrow them because of the past. revolution is coming and that’s a good thing.

  • Hoser

    Well said Mark. Well said!
    —I never believed Sandy Hook because no one would discuss the guy in the woods and the two in the van….
    —I never believed Boston because of the guys dressed in tactical gear with, then without backpacks.
    —I now realize 911, Oklahoma City were both inside jobs to cover-up economic debt.
    —Benghazi, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, all bullshit stories to go to war for Oil, Gas Pipelines, Gold and drugs.
    I could go on and on!!!

    • A couple thoughts here. I’m pretty disgusted about everything right now. Ignorance……. it’s everywhere. I’ve found very few sites that actually do their best to tell the truth. I commend Sean and company for keeping SGT on the right track. The one telling feature about different sites, is the people they draw in to comment. A considerable amount of knowledge can be gleamed from comment sections.

      I find the visitors to InfoWars and SHTFPlan to be somewhat excitable. You can’t beat ZeroHedge for financial information and the comment section has MANY folks in the know. But….. take a peak at the bottom of any ZH page, Copyright ©2009-2013 Media, LTD so ZeroHedge just had its knees chopped out from under it. Does that sound familiar? OWS, the Tea Party…. standard operating procedure, infiltrate and destroy.
      Greg Hunter mentioned Israhell and Saudi as being “allies” and Iran as the enemy on his weekend wrap-up, 2/14. That floored me. The verdict is still out on if he has fallen victim also.

      Actual truth is SO hard to find. Knowledgeable people also. I dig for it A LOT. SGT is my #1 site. Sean throws it out there. The people that visit UNDERSTAND. The old adage is true, folks tend to gather in “like minded” groups.

      My fear is that so few seek out the truth, so few understand the big picture…… and so few that will be able to “right this ship.” A ship full of holes based on lies, corruption, deception, and outright evil.

      • Warp

        ABC Media is not Disney.

        Do a little more research.

        • Well, sons-a-bitch… you’re correct. It’s an advertising company.

          It really doesn’t matter to me. ZH started banning posters. Posters, who might have been a little rough, but they were telling the truth. It does “seem” a little odd that the folks that were banned were not friends of a certain ethnic group. One that seems to control everything from the wings without actually raising their Kosher heads.

          So yeah….. ZH HAS sold out.

      • Jeff

        Like Warp said, do some more research. If you can’t fathom Israel and Saudi being “allies”, yea, do some more research.

        Great work SGT. If this doesn’t shake the tree I’m not sure anything will.

        • Jeff, click my name above. I can’t be quite as focal as I’d like to be on SGT, but I have NO issues with letting loose on mine.

          It’s kinda funny…. but NOT. I’ve dealt with all kinds of folks on different comment sections throughout the years. As a site starts to get popular “plants” start posting trying to sway folks ideas. This is my first time that I recall seeing you post, but your second sentence is a pretty strong clue.

          And yes….. I’ve done my research. If you aren’t sporting “roots”, maybe YOU should do your own.

      • glitter 1

        Mark F,
        “My fear is that so few seek out the truth, so few understand the big picture…… and so few that will be able to “right this ship.” A ship full of holes based on lies, corruption, deception, and outright evil.”

        Who’s to say that the ship can be righted/saved from going under.I’m of the opinion we are on the Titanic and taking on water.There are many that know many facts,the comments are many.However,not all see the bigger picture or even want to see it.Daniel was told to seal up his prophecy until the time of the end.How many can see/admit that the time has come and is upon us.Let those with eyes to see and ears to hear be aware of the signs of the times.

      • jonathan

        About the comments on Infowars, the funniest things I have ever read in my life are the battles people get into in the comments section of Infowars the Comedy Network doesn’t hold a candle to the comments section of Infowars.

      • SGT

        Thank you Mark. The researcher who made this video has done a lot of extraordinary work on Sandy Hook, we are posting two more of his vids throughout the day today. I lso messaged him through YT to ask for an interview with him, hopefully he’ll get it nd respond. BTW, I’m not sure what the ABC copyright is on Zero Hedge, it’s not ABC-TV because that’s a Disney property along with ESPN, etc. But I’ve wondered like you, who “owns” ZH?

        • duckvision

          That is a major point SGT. Who is Zerohedge? Who controls Zerohedge? All of these alternative media outlets like your website constantly follows Zerohedge and links their articles without really understanding or knowing who controls them. It would seem like a very good idea to know who your sources are. It’s also amazing that nobody in the alternative media will challenge Zerohedge? Why? Maybe because it’s in your own best interest to try to have a good relationship with them because they are the leading alternative media site on the web. They obviously have a bias opinion of world events which seems to drive all the others sites that are linked to them including yours. This is the same type of environment and system the main stream media has. Nobody questioning their propaganda and their programing for decades. The alternative media is doing the same thing right now. Nobody is questioning the main driver of information in the pro guns, pro-liberty, pro-metals types of movements. Who leads that group? It’s Zerohedge in a landslide. Who is Zerohedge? Still, nobody truly knows but millions link and follow their information without any hesitation and questions. That is a video you need to make and research for the sake of your followers on your own site to increase your credibility. I doubt that you will or any other of these type of alternative media outlets because it’s bad for business.

          • mark s mann


            I assure you that the main driver when it comes to “pro-gun” related content is NOT Zero Hedge. Give me a break dude. If that is the way you see it, you’re seriously misinformed. And…speak for yourself… don’t just say “Nobody”….you don’t speak for everyone. People DO question things all the time, maybe you don’t see it with your limited perspective. If you think Zero Hedge is the end all be all in the alternative media, that says enough about how limited your perspective is in itself.

  • Z

    Minister Goebbels, who was in charge of Nazi propaganda comments on how the West brainwashes its people.

    “The Westerners tell THE BIG LIE and keep repeating it over and over again even at the risk of looking stupid…”

    Nothing has changed with that… The reality is that people have become conditioned and are more likely to believe the lies.

    • Jacobson

      Goebbels ?
      No doubt where america is heading …

    • jonathan

      You’re definitely right Z but I think were in a situation where people know this is all a lie but they have to keep up appearances to protect their job. If the economy collapses and they have no job there is no reason for the common person to keep repeating things they know to be a lie.

  • David Ayer

    I am going to leave a comment here and see if it makes it to print. I just left one on the daily sheeple site where I first saw this story it went to the moderator then never made it to print…
    I personally know the father of one of the victims. I went to High School with him. He was a friend on FB. I dropped him a while back because I am very pro gun and many of my posts are as such and I didn’t want to have him reading about my views on the media/ president using him and others as tools in this tragedy to push for more useless gun control. I was not about to upset a man who had lost a son to gun violence. We were not real close and assumed he would not miss me in the mix. He was pretty beat up over the loss of a child. This man really exists, he really had a son who was killed at Sandy Hook. I know many people that know this man and his son. They went to the funeral for this little boy. I love a good story as much as the next guy and for sure I am as trusting of the government as most of you are, which means 0%. This story is a little ways off in tinfoil hat country. I think it discredits alternate media sources when they run stuff like this. It has gone to far, I realize it has not gone to far for everyone. I am sure we could even find some that would believe aliens were involved and they took the kids to a far off planet aiding the Obama administration in the cover up. This story works for some that have no first hand knowledge of those involved. I am sure that this was used by those not wanting to let a good tragedy go to waste. But the fact remains this story is simply some tinfoil hat bullshit that does not help,our cause or point of view.

    • MRH

      Not sure what you consider alternative media, but, for me, alternative media presents a different perspective than the one parroted on the MSM. Alternative media tends to big a lot deeper than MSM and by digger a lot deeper you find answers and in some cases, the questions simply end and there are no answers. That is the case with Sandy Hook. There are numerous questions that have not been answered, on any level, simply because there is no data to support the questions that have been ask. By default, if there is no data for a specific question regarding what has been reported, with images and interviews, how could something have happened or not happened?

      So, you can call BS and tin foil hat all you want, Until you, Mr. Ayer, can provide specific data to the questions being ask, YOU need to dig a little deeper.

      See these two videos

      When you answers the questions presented in these two videos, please let us know what the answers are as we would all love to know. I am not being sarcastic I am being very serious. Watch how quickly these questions turn into ether and evaporate.

  • David Ayer

    Well the premise of this story is that these people never existed and I assure you I know for a fact that one did exist and was killed at Sandy Hook. This storyline is BS. There maybe other things out there to look at but this ain’t the story.

  • Slvrizgold

    So your “friend” didn’t get to see or hold his dead child one last time after the “shooting?” I’m going to call bullshit on YOU David Ayer. I know from firsthand experience that you would have to shoot me to stop me from seeing and holding my child one last time no matter how bad they were shot up. Wolfgang Halbig is 100% correct, Sandy Hook story is as jacked up as the 911 FABLE.

    We do know the govt pays armies of trolls to infiltrate discussion online. If you are here, and this is you, then please FOAD.

  • Jeff

    Your “friend’s son” would then need to be listed on the SSDI. Go find it and C&P it back here until then STFU. Nobody “unfriends” somebody because they hold a different view on something especially when that view is supported by the Constitution. Your whole story is as contrived as the entire Sandy Hoax.

  • Desert Fox

    Excellent reporting.
    One of the biggest keys to these incidents is how the media runs with the official story, soaks the public with the pretend facts and then just shuts off the tap. Story done, what’s left to report?
    Then on top of that, anyone who “questions” the official story is then made out to be un-American, soul-less or a mad-man.
    It’s the same MO time after time.
    SGT is a place {one of too few} for real truth-seekers to try and get a handle on what’s going on.
    God bless you and keep you safe. Keep shining a light on these creatons. Evil abhores the light.
    DF out.

  • mark s mann


    As many of you know,the SGT Report Crew was one of the first alternative media sources calling bullshit on “Sandy Hook”, FROM THE BEGINNING and man did we get our share of scorn for it.

    I had an article post a few days ago about developing tunnel vision in the fight for truth. I think this is a perfect example of that. In the last year I have passed on doing a few interviews about Sandy Hook because for me and 75,000 other gun owners who actually live in CT it is now a moot point.

    Dead children or not…how much proof do you need? And…who are you trying to prove it to? Ask yourself that. Even if you get more ‘proof” what are you going to do with it? Nothing will be un-done.

    Even if that little Wessel piece of shit Eric Holder came out tomorrow and gave a press conference saying everything was staged, there would still be people clinging to the official narrative. There will be a lot more people that don’t even care as long as it does not interrupt their ESPN coverage.

    The only good that comes out of material like this is that it gets people thinking and it gets people to question the official narratives. People will be talking about Sandy Hook for many years into the future the same way the talk about every other American conspiracy type event. It’s time to move on people.

    • SGT

      Mark, as I know you will appreciate being a cop and all …this is NEW information to most of our readers, and since we are in the business of posting relevant news and research that the mainstream mockingbird shills won’t touch, this and the other two videos from this researcher merit posting here. Now with that said, we invite our readers after watching this material to feel free to get back to living life – or, engaging in discussion in the comments section here. Or both.

      Given the breadth of this particular “event” and the still unfolding research emanating from it, I don’t think “It’s time to move on people” comes across in the way you’d like it to. The powers that be have certainly not “moved on” from using this event for their tyrannical ends.

      • mark s mann

        Sean, I always back you up Brother.

        As you all know, I have no problem playing devils advocate on issues.

        The problem with material like this is that it is all highly speculative and can never be proven either way. If people don’t understand why any of this information is inconclusive, then nothing I say will really matter.

        Information like this is a double edged sword. It can also have a negative effect on people by turning them off, especially when they hear that children were not killed.

        Any new information can be good information, however…back to the question: “How much proof do you need, and what will you do with it?”

        If our country keeps going down the path it seems to be hell bent on, in a very short time things like Sandy Hook, 9/11, Who Killed Kennedy and all the rest of those questions will ALL be very moot points to the people who are dead, dying, or starving as a result of what is coming. I think most of us will agree on that.

        Unfortunately conspiracy content has become ‘entertainment” for lack of a better term for some people. In the near future many of these people might find their time would have been better spent learning some practical skills and acquiring other knowledge. That is what I mean by saying people need to “move on”. Not that they need to forget about digging for the truth.

        Hope you are all having a great weekend!

        • SGT

          Mark, back at you – we are friends first, but with respect, I think the majority of the readers who come to this site seek to be informed not entertained. Before Its News and a a few others may be more about the latter, not SGT Report. So, for the record – and I know you know this, but given the charge – I don’t personally find any aspect of the Sandy Hook event “entertaining”, not the official story, nor any of the extremely disturbing alternatives.

  • Jeff

    Well said SGT. These videos if nothing else will teach the newly awakened as to what to look for the next time it happens, as it surely will. And let’s not forget your last guest’s FOIA pursuit / investigation into the matter (former cop, forget his name). This thing is far from over and perhaps it will be completely exposed and the perps will pay the price, although I won’t hold my breath.

  • how does prof matter...

    after all. all that matter is TPTB.

    Maybe you will reach a moment it will matter, but really, things are much to corrupt for that to happen anytime soon.

  • Nursy1

    Nearly 7000 views at 6:54 on Sunday night!!! Good work guys!!

  • Back in 2009, I started researching the alleged victims of 9/11 (with my research partner Hoi Polloi). Our working thesis / postulatiion was (and still is) that, perhaps, no one died on 9/11 – as the entire event was just a simulated terror attack, from start to finish. Ever since, we have (naturally and as we fully expected) been “attacked” by (mostly anonymous) internet entities lamenting that our research “disrespected the families of the 9/11 victims”. Today – half a decade later – it seems that we may have been right after all. In any case, please know that in all these years, not one single ‘mourning 9/11 family member’ has come forward threatening us with legal actions or such like. We rest our case.

    Anyone interested in this issue is welcome to peruse our website. A good place to start would be the following two articles:



    best regards

    Simon Shack

  • ZooLurker

    “SandyHook-NoDeathsNoVictims:” the most disgusting hoax on the Web?
    Don’t be fooled again: This “documentary” pretends to prove that no kids were killed in Sandy Hook, CT on December 14, 2012, SOLELY on the basis of data that are ABSENT FROM the “Social Security Death Master File.”
    The excerpted sections of the Master File alleged to “show a lack” of the named victims’ deaths DO NOT COVER ANY DATES AFTER OCTOBER 2010! On the excepted displays, we see four deaths from 2006, two each from 2007, ’08, and ’10 – and none from 2009, ’11, or ’12.
    The Social Security Administration is – for VERY GOOD REASONS – quite cautious in posting apparent deaths. Retrieving people from a quasi-legal status of ‘dead’ is difficult, and the suffering of those so misclassified can be, literally, mortal. (Once you’re ‘dead,’ your savings and income are often frozen and insurance coverage cancelled; you can be arrested for attempting identity theft, simply for showing up at your bank to try to correct the error). (Despite this caution, the Master File does classify thousands of living people as ‘dead.’)
    The new, multi-listed NoVictims video bears valid comparison to the similarly ghoulish “Lakeside Baptist Church,” with each aggressively persecuting the suffering.
    (Animated by this video, how many unstable types have charged the families of the Sandy Hook dead, “You never had any such child! You’re a Gumm’nt Liar!” – ?)
    (Please don’t imagine that I believe the ‘media/government’ version of the horrors at Sandy Hook, just because I’m condemning this new ‘agent provocateur’ fabrication.)

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