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Rand Paul sues President Obama over NSA spying

from RTAmerica:

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4 comments to Rand Paul sues President Obama over NSA spying

  • jonathan

    I’m not saying the NSA thing isn’t somewhat important but why doesn’t he put his efforts into something that actually helps the common person like legalizing hemp and giving every American a license to grow it on their property

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      Despite agreeing with you, I believe there are more urgent issues that outweigh the single issue concerns such as this. As an issue, it would be categorised as a subset of the Libertarian “Individual Rights” doctrine, as promulgated and recognised by the Bill of Rights.
      Unfortunately those rights (as well as others) are not only ignored by our representatives but have been knowingly and purposefully been disregarded and disgracefully been deemed illegal activity by them, thereby disenfranchising everyone of our rights and, ipso facto, trampling all over our laws.
      Of greater urgency is the overarching matter of returning to the the legitimacy of political representation based upon Constitutional Law when based upon the legitimacy of the Bill of Rights.
      Those rights you speak of would naturally fall under the umbrella of protection as offered by it, thereby satisfying your complaint.

      • Sergio of the Jungle

        The Representative ideal of which I speak, as constructed by the founding fathers, is not practiced by and will never be considered the standard to be employed by that snake oil salesman senator from Kentucky. That’s not his ideal. He has another agenda, none other than the same agenda as offered by those charlatans duplicately representing us now.

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