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Prepper Primer for Your Non-prepper Loved Ones – Part IV

by TS, Survival Blog:


If traveling by foot, plan on only taking the AM/FM crank radio. It will last for weeks on a couple of AA batteries and for much longer with its crank power. All the HAM radio equipment and walkie talkies are not worth the weight and have much higher power consumptions. If you can, always listen to any radio using headphones in one ear so you do not attract people to your location with the radio noise. Radio stations may only be operational for short bursts throughout the day, so try all the AM and FM frequencies at different times each day.

If you are traveling by car, pack all the HAM radio stuff and other electronic stuff you can find. Of course, also pack all of the batteries. Operating these devices would take a lot of room to explain; stick to the car’s AM/FM frequencies. If time allows, you should be reading the first aid book and the wilderness/urban survival books, not the radio manuals (which are with the radios) though you should of course bring them. If you are rushed for time, make sure to at least bring the small walkie talkie-looking radio. Out of all the HAM radios, you may be able to make local contact with someone in a time of need using this radio.

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1 comment to Prepper Primer for Your Non-prepper Loved Ones – Part IV

  • Rancher

    Yeap… real preppers buy food, build shelter and store supplies for other non-preppers… What dream land are you people living in? Obviously you are not real preppers but rather people trying to exploit others buy encouraging them to buy stuff…stuff you have listed on your side bars 😉

    People get real. You know when you have truly evolved into a real prepper when you have grown the balls and spine to severe the emotional crap and after asking those you care for if they wish to join you in prepping and they refuse…to walk away from them in this arena. You can still hang with them but you shut your mouth about prepping and you do not prep for them either.

    Only fools set aside supplies for non preppers. The reasons are as plain as the nose on your face but first you must remove your immature rose colored glasses to see you nose/truth.

    Real preppes ONLY establish prepper relationships with other like minded and outfitted real preppers. Those other real preppers who’s lives depend on the success of the prepper group as a whole during the crisis event (possibly years) will also not allow you to bring along your non preppers friends and family because you say…it is the right thing to do. You and your non prepper friends will likely be shot. Thus leaving more food and supplies and mutual prepper cohesion rather than less.
    Again Prepper 101 basics. AQt least we will tell you the real bottom line and not be blowing wishful dream land BS into your ears.

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