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Precious Metals & World Affairs UPDATE: CELENTE, HOFFMAN & MARK S. MANN

Gold breaks out, Silver vaults over $21, The Comex AND the SGE are being drained, physical gold demand is at least twice global annual production according to Eric Sprott, Bankers are unexpectedly dying, Emerging markets are melting down, hyperinflation is taking root, Fukushima is out of control & much more. We cover it all in this exclusive interview with Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin, Gerald Celente from Trends and SGT Report contributor Mark S. Mann. Thanks for tuning in.

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40 comments to Precious Metals & World Affairs UPDATE: CELENTE, HOFFMAN & MARK S. MANN

  • GoodOleBoy

    All due respect to Andy and other analysts, the only person who has been on the money so far is Jim Rogers. If it were to go back to the highs I would be extremely happy but I would be happier if we would have seen at least a 50% correction which is normal in a bull market. It would be impossible for the manipulation we have seen to continue without China capitulating in some way, possible using the owed gold as leverage in the ridiculously low price paid for the JP Morgan building and who knows what other purchases. Regardless of that, gold still went up for 10 years in a row which is highly irregular, even if we know the cause is money printing. I would also like to point out that naked selling is a fundamental quality of the futures market in the US. Anyone can go to the market and short any commodity they wish as long as they don’t carry the contract to completion.

    I remain cautiously optimistic. Never underestimate the ability of these people to keep this thing going and don’t forget that the financial system is only one facet of a larger geopolitical strategy and negotiation. The west wants to use SDRs as currency for international trade and it serves as a back up internationally for the US Dollar. I think the East wants to use some sort of gold backed basket of currencies. Either way I think we can expect an eventful year.

    • Greg

      I agree.

      “I’m certainly watching, if it goes below $1,600 I’m sure I’ll buy more. If it goes to $1,200 I hope I’m smart enough to buy a lot more. Gold has been up 11 years in a row now, which is extremely unusual for any asset. So it would not surprise me if gold doesn’t … continue to have a nice correction in 2012.”

    • Hannon

      Every country has intel operators every where, I’m sure the Chinese and Russians have them through out the PMs sector. Wouldn’t it be smarter, to only demand phiz for what you know they can deliver and milk the banksters of their gold over the long hall at discounted prices? If they blow up the market now, they could miss out on years of blue light special gold.

  • Pip

    Fantastic, you’re the man Sean. Thanks as always!

  • Jeff

    SGT another great interview. I liked how you mixed it up with Andy doing a “pre-show” warm up. Nice touch.

    • SGT

      Thanks Jeff, Andy has such high energy, he’s always great – and wanted to get him on for some perspective since FRI was such a huge day for the metals.

      • Jeff

        I just finished up with Andy’s weekly wrap up posted further down your site. You are right..he’s on fire. I love listening to him. By the way it’s almost impossible for me to get through all your postings anymore Sean. Please slow down or I’m going to think I’m missing something.

        • SGT

          lol – I hear ya Jeff, ya kinda need to pick and choose your favorites at this point as there’s not enough time in a day to read everything, but at least we’re saving you the time of having to dig to find the good stuff!

          • Jayber

            Sean, that time savings is very helpful since Barry’s strategy is to overwhelm his opponents. Thanks!

            Speaking of the elite club screwing the average person over: did you catch the eminent domain hearing coming up this week in Hastings? Dakota County is trying to steal some land that’s been in a family for over a hundred years to put in…wait for it… yet more [expletive deleted] bike trails and a park with “picnic areas, a bath house and a ‘cultural interpretive site’.” So much for property rights, eh?

            If you want more on this, Sue Jeffers covered it, and there is also some here:

            • Ed_B

              “So much for property rights, eh?”

              What property rights? If it can be taxed on a regular basis, we don’t own it! Anyone who thinks that they own property should try not paying their property taxes sometime. It would disappear into a sheriff’s sale, the taxes would be paid from the sale, and the new owner would get the sweetheart deal that his political cronies set aside for him. The previous owner gets screwed. Having seen the mugging of the old owner up close and personal, the new owner will be a good boy, paying his property taxes on time, in full, every time. This is how you train your little debt slaves… carrot and stick… carrots for your friends and sticks for anyone who isn’t part of the corruption.

              • Jayber

                No argument from me, Ed. As long as property (in this case, land) can be seized based solely on non-payment of taxes in full, then people do not own the property, they just rent it from the government. This is why I continue to rent.

                The ladies I reference above are losing their land via eminent domain to build a park and bike paths, not for any actual public need. Up here, you can hardly take a piss without hitting either or both; Agenda 21 in action.

            • SGT

              Hastings too has criminals in Gov’t. They ought to be jailed.

              • Jayber

                (nodding head) Along with so many other politicians and bureaucrats feeding at the trough in this state, Sean.

                I’m so looking forward to seeing what our unopposed socialists will try to ram down our throats this year. Any bets on gun control again? A couple hundred million to ‘fix’ MNSure–the Obamacare state web portal that actually works WORSE than the federal site? (As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough to be from here already due to the wonderful politicians this state’s elected…)

  • Myromeodude123 on Youtube

    I have to admit I’m a complete novice when it comes to economic/ financial matters so I’m really shooting from hip with my remarks. I would be polite to say that there might be collusion and criminal activity between the Banksters, Governments and Corporate interest. At the highest level and magnitude. My point is, I wouldn’t be surprised at the depths they might go to prop-up their Global Ponzi Scheme in their time of desperation. I’m not sure if it would be possible to confiscate gold/metals, funds, etc. They have the biggest guns, they probably think they can do what they want. Look at the facts unveiling on the ground. I think we all are itching and know that something huge is about to go down. Confiscations, False Flag, Marshal Law, World War? Past is Prologue. Back to the Future. World War, act 3.
    Then again, I could be wrong.

    My YouTube Channel: Myromeodude123

  • Direct Democracy is the destination, repealing Citizens United is the path.

  • mangrove

    Hey Sean, thanks for yet another thought provoking discussion. I was just reading the comments over on youtube and saw that you don’t agree about direct democracy — glad to hear it, because like you said, the masses are just too ignorant. While I do like Celente’s idea of a coalition to stand up against tyranny and fascism, direct democracy isn’t going to work, not just because of ignorance, but because of the way votes can and have been historically manipulated by tptb. Paper ballots might solve that problem, depending on who’s in charge of counting them.

    I’d rather see a coalition of people who are actually awake to the multiple lies and false flags that have plagued this nation for many decades. It’s a tall order though, given the infiltration of tptb into seemingly every organization that exists (depending on size of course — that goodness for SGTreport and others on this level).

    And I had to roll my eyes when Celente couldn’t even entertain the idea that the 5 bankers had possibly been suicided. He backed off that one pronto, as if he’s worried about something? To this day, despite Celente’s appearances on shows like Alex Jones, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him come right out and name the elephant in the room: 9/11 being a false flag. Someone correct me if I’m wrong because I certainly haven’t heard every Celente interview — but, I do get the impression every time I do hear him that he’s kind of a lightweight when it comes to dealing with the darker realities that I believe we all must face and expose.

    • Z

      As far as I am aware Gerald C still thinks (or at least says) that 9-11 was done by the Arabs with boxcutters. GC totally ignores evidence like is presented on the site. He will press his “Bullshit”/”Horseshit” button on a lot of things but he won’t go near that one… Another thing that he will not talk about is the Federal Reserve “System” of debt slavery that is destroying America. He will criticize the Fed’s actions such as QE etc. but will not touch on its inner workings and overall purpose.

      Gerald knows where his bread is buttered and he is the darling of a lot of MSM shows. He would prefer to remain in their good graces…

      • mangrove

        Thanks Z — so he’s worse than I suspected, but I’m not surprised. Well, nothing surprises me anymore. Celente’s pretty much useless if he won’t step out of his well-paid comfort zone. He’s lost me for good now…. thanks for shaking the tree.

        Hatrick Penry talks about these kinds of people, especially because he sees first hand how the big name critics regarding Fukushima won’t touch his impeccable research. We can make a few educated guesses as to why, and they’d probably all be true. At any rate, Mr. Penry has something coming out soon (pdf book and/or video) which will apparently be all about the corrupt, compromised media.

        The left gatekeeper phenomenon has been in full swing ever since 9/11, of course. People so dearly want to hang on to their favorite, trusted media personalities and organizations to give them The Truth. “If the Young Turks, Amy Goodman, Glenn Beck, etc. aren’t talking about and questioning ___ conspiracy, then the official story must be true. If you believe any different, you are whack.”

        Breaking down people’s biases, blocks, and barriers is THE number one problem that we face, IMHO. Over and out….

        • GoodOleBoy

          I would imagine that he steers clear of the afore mention subjects to prevent turning people off on face value. Many people can’t just jump in, they have to start with a toe. Alex Jones has a lot of followers and has gotten a lot of people into conspiracy type subjects but many will stop listening at the mere mention of his name.

      • SGT

        Z, I have spoken to GC about the Federal Reserve System and its 1913 founding, it’s not my experience that its an off-limits area of discussion with him.

    • Ed_B

      The one and only thing that can salvage this country is if prospective voters have to pass a basic civics test before being allowed to vote. That would mean that only people who know how this country was founded and built will be voting. Current events could also be part of this test. All the ignorant gimmee gimmee nincompoops who now vote for unearned benefits for themselves would not be voting for more largess from the public treasury.

      The founding fathers knew this, so only allowed property owners to vote. There was a good reason for that. Property is the basis for all economic activity. Taxes and fees on various aspects of property and the income derived therefrom are what fill the treasury. It is only reasonable that those who FILL the treasury should also be the ones who decide how it is emptied… and not layabouts, drifters, bums, drunks, addicts, and any other non-productive people who do not. This does not include retirees. They have already done their part. After 30-40 years of pulling the wagon by working and paying taxes, it is more than their turn to ride in it.

  • RK

    Good work Sean,

    Have your heard about the Corzine / MyRA deal yet?


  • glitter 1

    Relative to Andy’s comment about the accelerated sell-off from February 0f 2013 up and until the 2014 turn around,my take is this after a little pondering and research pertaining to those dates.
    Now bare with me on this:TPTB,aka the top movers and shakers at the top are Illuminists/Occultists and they live/plan by Numerology,Gematria and the Illuminati/Occult Calender.Now February 1st is IMBOLG(groundhogs day),one of the occult days of human sacrifice.If you look at a chart for Gold and Silver for Feb 1st 2013,you will see that the accelerated sell-off of both metals began in earnest,with the Death Cross(50dma xing 200dma)within 1-2weeks shortly there after.As we all know Gold and Silver suffered their worst sell-off declines during 2013 going back several decades.The declines in the metals and shares were relentless and defied all known free market patterns and norms.
    What was accomplished during this time,here are some majors,but not all:
    > Gold and Silver were relentlessly naked shorted -40% & -62%.
    > Many of the shares lost greater than 75% of their value.
    > The Physical Price of Gold diverged from the Paper Price with physical demand off the charts.
    > The GLD has lost over 1/3 of their inventory.
    > The Crimex is just about drained of all physical Gold.
    > All Gold from the West has gone East into China.
    > George Soros – “China will lead the NWO and America had better get use to the idea”.
    > JPM has turned a Net Short position 70K+ Gold Futures into a Net Long position of 70K +/-
    > JPM has been accumulating an estimated 100-200 million onces of physical silver and has recently began to unwind their market corner of Silver Shorts.
    > The sentiment on Gold,Silver and the shares is the lowest on record.
    > The absolute Double Bottom Low for Gold occurred on the last trading day of 2013.Silver also hit a DB on that date.
    > On fist day of trading in 2014,Gold began it’s up trend.On “Feb 1st” the Gold Price bounced off the 50dma and hasn’t looked back.Silver on the other hand Silver bolted from it’s side ways consolidation on the 1st,at the 50dma and is now above the 200dma.

    There is an apparent shift in trading(algo)pattern.for both Gold,Silver Shares,since the beginning of 2014 and most definately since Feb 1st. Coincidence,maybe,maybe not.We could see a short pull back here soon before it(G&S) continues climbing.I don’t think we will have to wait long to see.

    From ~2000 thru 2011 we saw the longest uninterrupted Bull Market(of any market) in in Gold and Silver ever witnessed in history.It was due for a correction/rest right?OK,so we’ve seen a 2+ yr respite/correction,but why the real carnage during 2013?

    Remember,TPTB are Illuminati Occultists and do nothing out side Numerology,Gematria and Occult Calender.They have a plan,which is Centuries Old,and they are “Working Their Plan”.
    > 2013 adds up to the number “6”(in numerology the “0”is neutral).
    > 2013 would have been the “13th” year of the G &S Bull Market,given that 2012 would have been a normal pull back year after the run-up into the end of 2011.So they “Killed It”,drove the final nail in the “13th”year.
    > Did the 2013 Carnage in Gold,Silver,Shares,which saw the average sheeple flee,cut & run, provide the Elite/Insiders to get The Gold and well positioned for what is coming in 2014.
    Am I reading too much into this,is it all just coincidental? Maybe,maybe not.With all that we’ve read,heard,listened to pointing towards 2014 as the possible/likely year of chaos Politically and Financially,I’ll go with what I know/sense to be the case. I’m also going with what Lindsey Williams,Jim Willie,Gerald Celente,at el have said! Got Physical?

    “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    Thanks for the post!

    • glitter 1

      Just as a brief follow-up, here is Lagarde tipping her Illuminist/Occult hand at the recent National Press Club,which really begins at the ~7 min mark:

      > The 2013 Lunar New Year began Sunday,Feb 10(1st trading day is Monday,Feb 11).Looking at the chart,the Death Cross/earnest sell off begins then(see above).
      > The 2014 Lunar New Year began Friday Jan 31(1st trading day is Monday,Feb 3rd).Looking at the charts in 2013,Gold and Silver both began their “Boot On The Neck” sell offs at this time,then in 2014 both made their “apparent” release from the 50dma up and past the 200dma.
      > Are the Precious Metals Manipulated/Controlled/Managed? You bet they are,but by whom,how,why.Perhaps I’ve shed a little light on the whom and how,the why should be obvious. The point being they have a plan and they work it according to their Occult Parameters.

    • Ed_B

      “Now bare with me on this”

      Nope. Unless you are a good-looking sexy 20-30 something female, there is no way I am getting naked with you! 😉

  • Gerald is right with one of his points. “They” can push the price of gold down by $50+ at ANY time. It does seem to be counterproductive though. With massive demand, it seems they’re giving it away at bargain prices. At some point, this thing is going to pop. Gold for less than 2K will be a distant memory never to be revisited again.

  • Hannon

    Sean, have you ever thought about adding disqus comments to this site? It would make dialog between us all easier. I’m not well versed in running a website, is there a reason not to?

    • Insert_Name_Here

      Do you really want Disqus to be able to pick and choose what comments we can see?
      Do you want to controlled by an off site service?
      Did you really think that would be a good thing?
      Who pays you for such Rubbish?

    • SGT

      I don’t even know what that is!

      • Warp

        Disqus is a way of outsourcing the comments section of a site.

        If you’ve already gone to the effort of setting up anti-spam measures such as captcha, and the site usage stats are generally stable and you’re keeping up, it’s probably not necessary.

        Your comments section is already gravatar compatible, I don’t know why you’d need Disqus.

  • Gotta disagree with Celente’s Big Box Store Corporate Invasion critique. Not that I’m a Home Depot lover, but the fact is that these stores bring more goods and services, at lower prices, and bring more jobs to their communities than Mom and Pop shops.

    And as far as Wal-Mart goes, they are a boon to lower income people. They hire low-skilled workers and provide goods at cheap prices — which is critical if you don’t have much dough.

    Somehow these things get overlooked in romanticizing days of old.

    • MRH

      Your assessment could not be more wrong. Home Depot and walmart in particular are the worst of all worlds. They destroy competition. These two corporate scum-sucking bottom feeders no longer have any competition and therefore can charge whatever they want, bring in what ever products they want or more importantly don’t want you to have. Mom and Pop stores create competition, create good long term jobs and offer goods and services that the customers want and need. You need to go back to the drawing board with your ideas and thoughts. Do some real homework on how competition works and what it does for communities.

      • In terms of goods and services, I don’t see how one could possibly argue that a small hardware store out competes a Home Depot or Lowe’s. And in terms of number of jobs…that’s just ridiculous to say the small store does better. And prices…always higher in the little stores.

        In terms of competition, there’s this thing called the Internet — and it makes competition greater than ever before.

        There is always going to be room for small boutique shops on Main St — it’s just a function of consumer demand whether they survive or not.

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