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POTS CALL KETTLE BLACK: McCain & Graham Say John Kerry Suggested Arming Syrian Rebels

by Tony Lee, Breitbart:

Two leading advocates of direct American involvement in Syria’s civil war say the Obama administration may be considering taking a greater role.

Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., say Secretary of State John Kerry made blunt remarks during a bipartisan meeting Sunday indicating a more aggressive U.S. policy may be in the works. The meeting with McCain, Graham, and thirteen other members of Congress took place at a Munich hotel.

Afterwards, the senators briefed three reporters about their off-the-record meeting with Kerry.

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2 comments to POTS CALL KETTLE BLACK: McCain & Graham Say John Kerry Suggested Arming Syrian Rebels

  • rico

    Attaboy Lurch, keep up the war mongering, so Syria will be forced to capitulate an have a Rothschild sponsored Central Bank within its boundaries. Do us all a favor and resign, you fraudulent TROLL.

  • Just a little mind game. Plant a seed – watch it grow.

    What should you make of this??? They “want” to try again. Even after Putin made them look like complete fools. Oh….. they are, sorry.

    Give it up, pukes. The dollar is dead.

    Or is this the spark to set off a much bigger war that will be used to cover the bankers tracks? Us against China and Russia. Far fetched? It’s been used many times before. Millions dead, countries ruined, and a few feceshead bankers chowing down on some more caviar.

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