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Police Dig Into the Underwear of Pulled Over Drivers and Passengers

by Amanda Warren, Activist Post:

Drivers and passengers in the Atlanta, Georgia area are coming forward after feeling sexually violated by police. People pulled over for minor traffic stops or registration checks are shocked to find out that the alternative to going down to the station meant officers sticking their bare fingers into underwear, touching the genitals.

For the record, not even the most broadly written, police-state favorable laws are supporting these actions. Yet, the police are confidently acting on them as though they “have permission” and have the right within the confines of law. There isn’t even “probable cause” in the report below.

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1 comment to Police Dig Into the Underwear of Pulled Over Drivers and Passengers

  • douglas adams

    All you have to do is shoot some of them, push back, what they do to you, do to them, americka is doomed, just a bunch of pussies live there now, where I live if something like that happens, time would pass and then a squad car or down here it would be a Toyota truck with 2 to 4 cops in them, you would wait and then ambush them, shoot them all take there gear, burn everything, case closed.when the wolfs start to hunt and kill the people, people pick up there guns and go do not let people violate your rightsssss, pussies, go turn your guns to hitler/un treaty/skull and cross bones Kerry,all you americkan people know is fear, you fear your gov, and you believe all the propaganda and false flag terreor attacks they commit on you,punk ass dumn fucks.d-adams

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