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Pharmacy Gives Woman Wrong Medication: ‘Well, you know, they both begin with H’

by Elizabeth Renter, Natural Society:

Many of us avoid prescription medications at all costs, but most Americans are not so put-off by the pills, syrups, patches, and capsules manufactured by Big Pharma. For them, the risk of a prescription error is very real and cause serious consequences, up to and including death. One Arizona woman was fortunate enough to not suffer the worse side effects of a prescription mix-up, but did face sheer stupidity from the pharmacy who gave her the wrong medications.

“Well, you know, they both begin with H,” Heather Sparling was told by the pharmacist at Walgreens in Surprise, Ariz. to explain the flub that could have resulted tragically.

Sparling had received four prescriptions to battle an ear infection, a sinus infection, an inflamed liver, and hives. She has an autoimmune disease, so taking medications is nothing new for her. She picked up her pills and took them as directed for two days when she noticed she wasn’t feeling any better. It was then she received a call from the pharmacy.

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2 comments to Pharmacy Gives Woman Wrong Medication: ‘Well, you know, they both begin with H’

  • Dredd

    If you are not familiar with the medication appearance. It only takes a few minutes to check if you have the right meication you were prescribed. Either the insert will explain what it is, the picture can be found on the Internet for what you need or just double check with the pharmacist before you leave. If you are too lazy to ask the doctor the name of the medication you are to pick up. You are going to be a victim of the thinning herd theory.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    Heaven and hell both begin with H.

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