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Parents Angered Because School Rewards Straight A Students with Pizza Party

by Joshua Cook, Freedom Outpost:


Motivation or exclusion? That’s the question which is being asked at Silver Spring, Maryland’s Eastern Middle School. The school organizes parties – with dancing, games and pizza – for straight A students, allowing students with Bs and Cs to come to the events after classes end and the pizza is gone. The practice has become yet another issue to people who worry that exclusion from the event might lower students’ self-esteem.

The media is fixated on “income equality,” and appears to be against success being rewarded for hard work. The ideas of participation trophies and wealth redistribution become more and more popular with social engineers. The oddest part of the story, though, is the fact that a reporter asked two of the straight A students, who attended the party, whether the party was fair. One of the kids said he didn’t know, and one said she could see how it might be, but that it was good motivation. This type of action could actually instill guilt for success.

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2 comments to Parents Angered Because School Rewards Straight A Students with Pizza Party

  • Mr Generic

    If you cannot make straight A’s in the public education system, it is not because you are incapable, it is because you choose to. Stop whining when your own choices put you in a position that seems less favorable than that of a person who made better choices. The greatest problem with society today is the complete removal of accountability. Welcome to the US, where it is NEVER your fault!

  • Ka

    Why shouldn`t the straight A students be rewarded? They worked hard, they deserve it. I was far from a straight A student in grade school but it was due to pure laziness. After getting into community college and wanting to advance further I got straight As my first year and transferred to a good University where I also got high grades. I worked my ass off and got on the Deens list multiple times. Now should they get rid of this as well so others don`t “feel bad“… ? I would not have been motivated to better my grades if I`d been coddled.

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