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Organic food shortage hits U.S. stores

by Julie Wilson, Natural News:

Organic food is seemingly no longer just a trend, but a necessity. A recent report by MyFox New York states that all-natural grocers can hardly keep up with the demands for organic food. Bloggers have been capturing signs that read, “Organic eggs are currently in short supply due to increased consumer demand and limited availability. This is an industry-wide shortage and is not specific to ShopRite stores or our operation.” Similar signs are being seen in grocery stores across the nation.

Cage-free, organic eggs and certain types of organic produce are among the products in shortage across the country. Experts are blaming the season as the reason for the shortage, with many Americans making good on their New Year’s resolutions to diet and lose weight. However, others are saying the secrets of large corporate food producers have been exposed, leaving consumers more apt to purchase cleaner, healthier organic foods instead.

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2 comments to Organic food shortage hits U.S. stores

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Easy solution; get the FDA or whoever makes up the standards to change the criteria of what constitutes a free range chicken with regards to numbers per square foot and how long they are able to roam freely in a field per day and what constitutes organic produce. You’d be amazed how the standards change from country to country and what spray is allowable from country to country..

  • Thomas

    To me the problem could be solved by raising most of our food locally, the Hell with these big companies!!!!

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