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Obamacare to DESTROY 2 Million Jobs in America

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

If you like your job, you might not be able to keep it under Obamacare. Following reports that millions of full-time employees have already been laid off or relegated to part-time status as a result of the so-called “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) being declared law, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) now estimates that the equivalent of another 2 million full-time workers will probably be eliminated from the labor market within the next three years in exchange for government healthcare.

The CBO maintains that most of these cuts will be voluntary in nature, with an increasing number of taxpayers simply deciding to opt out of the workforce altogether rather than pay higher taxes for fewer benefits. Essentially incentivized volunteerism, this next mass exodus from the workforce will represent workers for whom it makes more sense to just stop working and maximize their Obamacare coverage rather than continue working at a lesser rate and still be forced to pay for healthcare.

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1 comment to Obamacare to DESTROY 2 Million Jobs in America

  • CalsailX

    Not a party to the damn contract, guess I just was not retarded enough to enter into a contract with criminals.

    Yes they are criminals, and yes they have thugs go out to kill people. I would say that’s a fine reason to carry a 10mm. If anything just to get you to a real weapon, when high velocity armor piercing rounds from a real rifle own the battle field. The boys go home or die.

    Don’t get me wrong I respect peace officers I was raised with them. However beating a man near to death in front of me, with generate a response that is both bloody and deadly. When they stop becoming a peace officer I’ll be willing to terminate any relationship we may have had.

    I have sat on the chest of a “peace officer” making it clear to him that his assault on another human was a utter mistake. He learned from it and became a better officer. He was and is a good man, he just had a night where his judgement was lacking. He learned it’s not the “law” he needs to worry about, it’s the oath we the community demands he upholds.

    He works of us and by god, I’ll never let him forget that!
    Being a peace officer is something to be proud of, keeping the peace is a noble profession. The best part of it is with the right reputation most men he might ask would willingly become a deputy.

    Sheriff needs a tracker, a sniper, or just a bad ass. He might have tens of thousands of men to chose from. My current sheriff isn’t worth a damn, however I’ll give some of his men I’ve known since I was a kid a bit more leeway.

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