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Obama: ‘Unchecked’ Carbon Pollution Had ‘Severe Impacts on Our Weather’

by Melanie Hunter CNSnews:

While announcing new fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks on Tuesday, President Barack Obama said “unchecked” carbon pollution prior to his administration’s efforts to raise fuel economy standards “was having severe impacts on our weather.”

“Carbon pollution was going unchecked, which was having severe impacts on our weather,” Obama said in a speech at a Safeway distribution center in Upper Marlboro, MD.

For decades, fuel efficiency standards had been “stuck in neutral, even as other kinds of technology leapt forward,” the president said. The economy was “vulnerable to fluctuations in oil prices.”

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2 comments to Obama: ‘Unchecked’ Carbon Pollution Had ‘Severe Impacts on Our Weather’

  • Ed_B

    As if this knucklehead knows jack about environmental science. During one of the colder winters on record, selling the snake oil about “global warming” must be getting really difficult. Al Gore seems nowhere to be found during these blizzards. Is he frozen to a tree somewhere? One can only hope. I suppose that the ability to choose their own facts assists greatly in this effort. Well, the FACT is that the Earth has been cooling off for about the last 17 years but not because we now have fewer people or cars… the supposed cause of all this. In truth, what we have here is more a matter of global BS than global warming, or cooling, or whatever.

    Here’s another FACT. The Earth’s climate is not static but dynamic, meaning that it changes. The geologic record plus tree rings and other data shows that the Earth has warmed and cooled MANY times and all without any help whatever from human beings. Speaking of that, where the heck is the next ice age? It’s about 12,000 years over-due now. When, not if, it arrives it will not be something that humanity can handle, although we may be able to make it a little less severe if we act sufficiently early and with sufficient aggressiveness. Personally, I’d rather be a little warmer than frozen to death or starved to death because sufficient food to feed the Earth’s population could not be grown in a colder climate.

    Along these same lines, the US West coast has been wetter than normal for about the last 100 years. It is now returning to what is actually normal for this part of the world… and all we hear about it is the mental pygmies squealing about “drought”. No, this is NOT a drought. It is merely normal over a longer time period than the immediate past.

  • jerry

    unchecked carbon pollution is only part of it. Can we get a comment from Barry on his thoughts of what effect harp may have on it as well as the the denied but proven chemtrails

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