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Obama Seizes Control of Late Night TV

Establishment moves into securing entertainment industry as primary conduit for political agenda

by Paul Joseph Watson, infowars:

The recent replacement of Jay Leno with Obama cheerleader Jimmy Fallon is part of a White House coup d’état to take control of late night television.

With more and more young Americans deserting news networks and getting their information and opinions from late night comedy/discussion shows, the establishment is moving into using the entertainment industry as its primary conduit for state propaganda.

Distrust in the institution of television news is hovering at all time lows, which is why one of the few places left that the White House can elicit a sympathetic response to its agenda and talking points is the cosy, make believe world of late night TV.

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5 comments to Obama Seizes Control of Late Night TV

  • Allen

    I wish you would do more stories on this. The entertainment media has a massive role in making people distracted and ignorant to the real issues that are facing humanity. Why engage with and try to improve the real world and your own life when you can lose yourself in a big-budget TV soap?

    I’ve never seen the media working so hard to pump out such vast quantities of glossy, expensive crap to keep people sedentary in front of their TVs. The entertainment media is just another side to the disinformation campaign, and should not get a pass.

    Thanks for the great work you are doing, SGT!

  • Shdow of Douby

    As I was watching the video where Moochell Obama refers to young people as knuckleheads. I thought that Leno’s replacement looked more like a trained clapping seal then a thought provoking, wise cracking entertainer.

  • prestodo

    What else is new, this sort of thing has been going on since the invention of the newspaper.

  • Hoser

    Who the hell is Jimmy Fallon? Sounds Gay to me. If so, Jimmy and Barry should get along just fine!!!

    • jonathan

      Nicely said Hoser Jimmy Fallon is a pathetic loser anyone who would vote for a politician based on the crap that idiot puts on TV is a waste of life

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