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MUST HEAR: What’s Happening in The Ukraine RIGHT NOW is The Hair-Trigger For Thermonuclear War

[Ed. Note: Given the events unfolding in the Ukraine RIGHT NOW, this interview must be shared with everyone you know. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts agrees with our analysis about the “revolution” in Ukraine and says, Washington Orchestrated Protests Are Destabilizing Ukraine]

Harley Schlanger, the National Spokesman for LaRouchePAC and Helga Zepp-LaRouche join us for this special report on the Western-backed attempt at a coup under the guise of “revolution”, now underway in Ukraine.

NATO and the US government are actively trying to close the noose around Putin and Russia using NGO’s and George Soros paid protestors. What’s at stake? NATO’s desire to surround Russia with its “anti-ballistic missile defense” system which Putin knows will give FIRST STRIKE capability to the U.S. — From Russia’s point of view, war has already begun, and the Ukaraine is fast becoming what LaRouche calls a ‘hair-trigger for thermonuclear war’.

Helga Zepp-Larouche notes, “If Ukraine would get under the command of NATO, it basically would leave Russia defenseless.”

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33 comments to MUST HEAR: What’s Happening in The Ukraine RIGHT NOW is The Hair-Trigger For Thermonuclear War

  • Myromeodude123 on YT

    My handle on YT is Myromeodude123. I have just found and re-posted some interesting videos that are extremely “mind blowing” and should be considered into the real historical record. You could search for these videos on YT.

    YouTube Videos:

    “The Rothschilds, Hitler, Holocaust, Israel & Zionist World Government”

    “Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Secrets of the Jews”

    “Edward Hendrie – Jesuits are Crypto-Jews”

    My thought is that history is repeating itself here in the US/World. I guess, as in WWIII.

    Myromeodude123 on YT

    • Jacobson

      Yeah right , blame the jews again !
      Jews never wanted to control anyone or conquer places ,
      it’s the criminal europeans who did it around the world time after time .

      And even if the zionists tried to create the state of Israel ,
      the jewish power is taking over and the zionists lost control !
      This is why we are here :
      and not for the rothchilds !

      Just leave us alone !

    • Myromeodude123 on YT

      I didn’t realize I could leave a link. I would ask that you listen to this interview and decide for you self it’s merit. A version of WWII history not mentioned in our history books.

      The Rothschilds, Hitler, Holocaust, Israel & Zionist World Government

  • Myromeodude123 on YT

    The Putin Pivot

  • Ian

    The links you have on your site are great, but you want people to stay on your site.
    So I would change the links to open a new tab instead of changing your site to the link. Just a FYI to keep people on SGT and informed. Thanks for everything on here. Proud that there is Minnesotan’s that are awake and taking action!

    • SGT

      Thanks much Ian, but one thing we really like to do is to help drive our informed readers TO the home sites of our trusted content contributors. They deserve it! Plus, we think that’s the best way for our readers to read the articles in full, from the source.

      • Ed_B

        Indeed it is, Sean. Not only that but loyal SGTReport readers already have this web site bookmarked for our daily updates and can get back here pronto.

        Appreciate the job that you and your team do here. This is THE alternative media site on the Internet with our friends at Silver Doctors a close 2nd.

  • Newfie

    The U.S. is only victory ever since WWII? GRENADA. Don’t matter the size of your guns, it’s the size of ones heart coming to the fight. That is why the U.S. will not go down. They could not put down a bunch of ASIANS in Vietnam. How will anyone bring down America? Even an inside job? Already happening, but they will soon be hung out to dry. Many may die…. but history prevails.

  • Jeff

    Sean your enormous contribution to the “awakening” is greatly appreciated. The interviews you conduct are of the highest quality out there. You can’t be thanked enough. Your voice at the end of this interview sounds disheartened. Don’t let this passion eat at you brother. Make sure the physical and mental well being of you and your family are at the top of your life’s pyramid. God bless.

  • jonathan

    If the US Fascists want to free the Ukraine from their Mafia then thank you Fascists. For some reason they don’t want to tree the West from the Bankster Mafia. I’ve said it before no one is going to tell the Ukrainians how to run their country not the USA or anyone else. Just ask the Russians how hard it is to manage Ukrainians as a proxy.

  • Mother Patriot

    This was one of the best and most terrifying interviews you have done. Mrs. LaRouche is a brilliant woman who needs to be heard. Thank you for your efforts Sean. God bless you and your family.

  • Z

    “Obama will start a nuclear war”… Do not make me laugh, that chickenbleep a-hole will never “start” anything. That is the myth behind all of this. Namely: Obama is the one who is plotting and planning all of this. (Like GWB was a Texas “Rancher”.) Nonsense, he is a fraud whose main concern is how to get out of the WH, go on vacation and play Golf. He is kept safely medicated so that he does not stray off the leash. Wake Up

    The people that you see are the ones who they want you to see… Those who are calling the shots are the unseen.

    • Well said. The Obamanation is nothing. He does what he’s told. That’s it.

      It’s a HUGE curtain. It’ll probably never get pulled back, but….. we could strike a match at the bottom and burn it down along with ALL who hide behind it.

      • Ed_B

        Right on, Mark. Every time I see Obama on TV, I keep having the very same thought. I keep expecting him to start with, “Now, I’m not a real president but I play one on TV”.

    • jonathan

      Well written Z. I like how you mentioned the drugs. It is an open secret that all of Washington is flying on pharmaceuticals and we know what will happen when you take their med’s away. Same thing that happens when you take a loaded pipe away from a crackhead.

  • TORNasunder

    The destabilizing extends way past Ukraine. Turkey, Syria, now Kazakhstan. Take a look at a world map, and look at where the unrest is. All around Russia in particular. But civil/social unrest is rising around the globe. Ukraine is now another flash point, joining Syria, North Korea, Iran, Sea of Japan.

    There are some groups within the US who are just itchin for war it seems.

    • Ed_B

      A great deal of that instability can be tracked right back to the ZIRP of the US Fed. By exporting our inflation to other countries, the cost of basic foods is rising much faster than incomes. No parent wants to look into their child’s eyes while the child begs for food. When people who work lose their ability to buy food for their family, there is little left for them to do but rebel against their national government that is not improving the situation.

  • Phil Downunder

    Awe-inspiring and terrifying interview, Sean. Mrs.LaRouche is a tower of strength and information.

    That there are crazies in control that are itching for a war is mind-numbing to normal people. They must be stopped once and for all.

    The next major war will be nuclear, but the one after that will be with sticks and stones. Einstein I think.

  • Good Ole Boy

    Great interview. I always find it informative listening to anything that comes out of the Larouche organization given their extensive intelligence network. It amazes me when people fail to realize that all these world events are connected in one giant plan.

    It does sadden me though when Mr. Larouche calls for Rand Paul to be thrown out of office over his statements on Bill Clinton. We need all these different groups to unite to combat the autocrats.

  • phil downunder

    We’d like to see these miscreants labelled International Nazis, NOT Nazis. They are not national socialists, they are INTERnational socialists! There is an unfortunate link in too many people’s minds of Nazis to Germany, but these ARE NOT GERMANS! They don’t even have a German accent, but an American one! nor are they even limited to American soil! Let’s get the message accurate!

    To me, Russia is in defence mode, not attack!!!

    Can’t blame the Germans for wanting to ditch the USA/City of London puppet strings!

    • Rainmaker

      @phil, You are spot on, but you know better than to buck “the system”. Don’t EVER challenge the state sponsored history we have all been indoctrinated with. If you do, your fellow indoctrinates will turn on you and eat you and your young for breakfast. What happens if EVERYTHING we/you ever believed, were ever told, was a lie? How will the masses react? They should start by watching this 3 minute video:

  • willyt2

    It’s so hard to believe that there are such sinister people in this world that are willing to annihilate an entire planet and the billions of people on this planet for money and power. It’s unbelievable to what length they will go because of greed. God help us all AMEN.

  • Ed_B

    “NATO’s desire to surround Russia with its “anti-ballistic missile defense” system which Putin knows will give FIRST STRIKE capability to the U.S.”

    This case looks more than a bit over-stated. After all, if even one Russian Typhoon class sub still prowls the deep, does anyone really want to f*** with it’s country? Probably not. They could launch 150-200 thermonuclear warheads from that one sub and totally devastate the US or the EU. I would hardly call this “defenseless” regardless of the status of Ukraine. Besides… the US had 1st strike capability for a long time and never used it. When the USSR collapsed, many were convinced that the US would attack Russia while it was collapsed and unable to fight back effectively. We didn’t. No, the game being played out here is not one of military confrontation but the threat of it to achieve political domination. The threat of war is often a much better card to play than that of actual war itself. Nukes damage much more than the targets they are fired at. While nuclear strikes ensure the “loser” of a quick death, lingering radioactivity and a collapsed planetary eco-system would ensure the “winner” of a slow and painful one. This is the choice before humanity. Choose wisely.

    “The only winning move is not to play.”. – WOPR

    “War is a messy business. A VERY messy business”. – Capt. James T. Kirk

    • Rainmaker

      @ed, what if its fixed, like wrestling? I mean, what happens if the Global Police State finds it in their best interest to use a minor tactical deterrent for some stupid reason? Would it be conceivable for the new “sheriff (s) in town” to react accordingly and to call international opinion to accept a very huge response to “put down” an aggressor (and parasite)? Someone gets blowed to bits (guess who?) but afterwards there is a big dinner in Geneva or Davos or Shanghai or Moscow where the elitists split up the remainder pie (FYI, they don’t care about radio activity, can’t you tell?). Is it too late? Can we (whomever that is) stand up to Money Power?

  • marie elizabeth

    hi sean!

    i love you and your channel (been following your work for about 2 years now?). i was wondering, have you given any thought to making your interviews podcast friendly? youtube is great (for when you’re stationary), but for someone like me who spends up to 2 hours commuting every day, podcasts are perfect (and who knows, maybe you can expand your audience)? for now, i catch your shows at work, but its tricky when everyone around you is dead asleep and i have to listen in between interruptions.

    while were at it, ever think of putting up a donation button (if there is one, i cannot find it)!

    either way, keep up the amazing work. 🙂


    • SGT

      Hi Marie, thanks for the note, really appreciate it. No donate button, kinda pride ourselves on never having had one, though it would be cool to start a foundation to help others in need and for that a donate button would be cool… a big idea to table for now.

      As for the mp3/podcast option – Rory and I have looked into that and had a lot of technical difficulties, but we have not given up. I need to get back on that one and figure it out! But in the meantime, try using this maybe?

  • You folks sound like Communists to me! Bethesda.

  • Thermonuclear warfare sounds like the great day of God Almighty & therefore would bring the Second Coming of Jesus Christ & the New Jerusalem. This sounds like the most wonderful thing that could ever happen!

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