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MSNBC “Journalist” Questioned About WTC 7 (World Trade Center BUILDING 7)

from C-Span, via

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8 comments to MSNBC “Journalist” Questioned About WTC 7 (World Trade Center BUILDING 7)

  • bestkeylar

    Plausable denial will soon be viewed as criminal neglect by the growing silent majority.

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      There was nothing plausible in his denial. What he said was that he hasn’t been involved in conspiracy theory claims of controlled demolition followed by blah-something-blah, something-blah, something, something, blah. Whatever that means.

  • jeff

    You think he sees a big f’ing wanker when he looks in the mirror?

  • jerry

    of course he doesn’t associate with the theories HE WOULDNT HAVE A JOB

  • Warp

    For that one, I think he was given a question that he couldn’t reasonably answer, honestly or otherwise. If he says what he truly thinks as an opinion, he may be in trouble with his paymasters or get an active campaign against him from people who are very persistent. Either way, a non-answer was his way out of the situation caused by that question. Tacit acknowledgement that the topic is controversial, and please let’s get to the next thing ASAP so he doesn’t have to deal with the controversy.

    It’s called a paycheck, people! Ask a government scientist!

  • bestkeylar

    BS, the whole frigging machine is in plausable denial, hence his lame sidestep

  • jonathan

    Who cares if a brain dead idiot can’t answer a simple question? That sounds pretty normal to me.

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