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Morgan Gold Warns of Possible Physical Gold Shortage

from Jesse’s Café Américain:

All right I will confess up front, that during the day I have been watching recordings of the Winter Olympics curling matches which were held at Sochi earlier today. The women’s match between the US and the Swiss was of particular interest, especially the strategy of the two teams led by their captains, Erika Brown and the legendary Mirjam Ott.

 I will not give anything away if you have not yet seen it. I will be watching the curling matches all week.  It is one of my few idiosyncrasies.  Most Americans have never heard of it.

The bit of controversy today is how much gold exactly is flowing from West to East, most specifically to China?

Bloomberg had a piece in print today about the record amount of gold that was imported by China last year through Hong Kong, exceeding 1,000 tonnes for the first time.  You may read it here.

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