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Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report

by Keith Weiner, Gold Seek:

The dollar dropped a lot more this week than it has in any one week for a long time. Measured conventionally, the gold price spiked $51, and the silver price by $1.47. Gold owners have 4% more dollars, and silver owners have 7.4% more dollars. However, those dollars are worth less. How much less?

To calculate the value of the dollar (or anything else), we can’t use consumer prices. This is because consumer prices are constantly falling, in real terms. Consumer prices are falling because industry is constantly pushing itself to be more efficient. Gold is the closest thing to a constant value in the economic universe, the equivalent of the speed of light in a vacuum, C.

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2 comments to Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report

  • CalsailX

    Regardless of what the I.R.S. would like to think the gold on my desk didn’t get more valuable, it’s just the FRN’s became closer to becoming the poor toilet paper that they are.

  • CalsailX

    My gold is worth just the same as it was the day before, however that Federal Reserve Note has been a lie since 1913!

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