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Marijuana Sales Saving State Pensions

by Daniella Nicole, Outsider Club:

Much like states use lottery proceeds to help fund education, there is a call for states to use proceeds from marijuana sales to save state pensions and pay other obligations.

While in-state sales of weed are a consideration, so too are sales from marijuana tourism, which can only be aided by already strong tourism markets. States that voted to legalize marijuana clearly have a large enough support base to help bring in income for struggling state budgets, but some think tourism is where the big bucks will be.

The State Pensions Problem

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1 comment to Marijuana Sales Saving State Pensions

  • jonathan

    But what about the children? We should probably all listen to the pharmaceutical companies and throw people in jail for marijuana then prescribe the kids anti depressants for the rest of their lives. Big Pharma knows what’s best for our children.

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