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MUST WATCH: Manuel Martinez, A Man Who Fled Castro’s Communism DESTROYS Oregon Lawmakers For Gun Control Attempt: “This is Marxism, plain and clear.”

from Story Leak:

Manuel Martinez, who narrowly escaped Cuba in 1962 after being imprisoned for opposing Fidel Castro, passionately defended the Second Amendment in front of Oregon’s Senate Judiciary Committee, comparing the state’s attempts to pass gun control to the life he knew in Cuba:

“…Don’t sell me this. A very powerful man tried to sell me this 50-something years ago, I didn’t buy it,” Martinez said. “This is Marxism, plain and clear. Come on, tell me I’m wrong, I’ve been there when you were learning how to walk… You sell THIS to the people who do not have self respect, self-determination. And they are weak. And they love to be subjugated. And be dependent on the government. You don’t sell that to me sir. This is TREASON. This is an ASSAULT on the dream of the founding fathers. They didn’t die for THIS. I come here, for years, talking about what happened, while you people, sink to this.

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46 comments to MUST WATCH: Manuel Martinez, A Man Who Fled Castro’s Communism DESTROYS Oregon Lawmakers For Gun Control Attempt: “This is Marxism, plain and clear.”

  • jerry

    very very powerful what was the out come of this hearing? I want to see the rest

  • Praxis

    Um. Well… Hrm.
    “Illegal” firearms is the only result of such nonsensical tyranny.

    I just don’t get it. Tyranny is obvious.
    If ignorance of the law is no excuse, neither is ignorance of tyranny.

    Here in Connecticut, this has already been done despite vehement protest.
    All it’s going to do is escalate the police state and kill innocent people.

    You can’t control everything unless you murder anyone and everyone who demand their liberty. The rest are still lambs for slaughter, so what choice is there?

    Where’s my free Brawndo, psychonauts?

    • mark s mann


      I am also in CT.

      Did you here that the residents of CT registered 50,016 “assault weapons” out of an estimated 340,000? less than 35,000 mags out of an estimated 2.4 MILLON???

      I think that speaks volumes of what the people in CT feel about the law.

      Now lets see what the pieces of shit in the state government do in response and lets see who they choose to make an example out of.

      • Sergio of the Jungle

        It’s what they have planned. This is who the government has become. I said who , deliberately.
        Warrior Class
        In 1994 the Pentagon’s deputy chief of staff for intelligence, a Major Ralph Peters, wrote a position paper, Warrior Class:

        The desire for patriotism is considered an enemy doctrine. The U.S. armed forces must be prepared to fight against all those who oppose the New World Order and who are holding out for nationalism… This new warrior class is most dangerous because they consist of those who fight out of strong religious beliefs… There is a worldwide class of patriots (i.e., “terrorists”) who number in the millions, and if the current trend continues, there may be more of these who…love freedom and are the target of the New World Order… You cannot bargain and compromise with these warriors… We, as the military, need to commit more training to counter these warrior threats. We must have an active campaign to win over the populace. This must be coupled with irresistible violence.
        – from the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, May/June 1994

        There you have it. Patriotic American Gunowners are the number one Enemy of the New World Order. Since we can’t be bargained or compromised with, prepare for “irresistible violence.”

      • Praxis

        Yeah. It’s going to be ridiculous even for future benign events.
        I grew up in Danbury, Monroe and Newtown. I graduated Newtown High School. (Richard Novia is a nutcase. I knew him well.)

        I don’t want to believe what has happened but it has. No amount of inquiry has provided anything close to answers.
        Thankfully, I know my local ‘authorities’ well enough and have an out when the bizarro time comes.

        I just hope everyone stays calm and we can safely get through this hurricane to the best of our abilities.

        Stay safe Mr. Mann and many cheers!

        • Sergio of the Jungle

          You may well know your local “authorities” but so did many in the “civil” war (just one of endless examples you could pluck from the annals of history) who thought they knew their neighbours well, and in some cases family. Politics is a divide.
          Stay safe.

      • Z

        Well I suspect that they will perform a “random” raid on some registered CT gun owner who has made a declaration of weapons & magazines. And, lo and behold, they will find a bunch of undeclared weaponry… imagine that. They will then use that as justification to start raiding other registered firearms owner’s homes.

        See how frosty you are when there are few swat guys with attack dogs running around your house in the middle of night, breaking shit and yelling orders.

      • SGT

        But Brawndo has what plants crave.

      • Hannon

        Mark S Mann,

        I put your name(pseudonym) in because the comment chain may be hard to follow. As you know, I’m a CT boy as well, as you also know, in my frustration I’m looking to leave the home I’m rooted in and love. After looking about and having time to think, I’ve decided to stay. As we all know, there is no running from this and if we’re forced to face it, we may as well do so on our own turf, and maintain a home court advantage of sorts. My question to you is this: When everything goes down, what percentage of the State Police are going to go along with the take over? What percentage will abandon their post and go home? And what percent will stand up and fight for freedom?

        For example, there have been many Police, Fire Fighters, EMS, FBI, and others who have come out and spoken of the events of 911 against the official story, and that was from NY city, one of the most corrupt places in the world as evidenced by Serpico and Wall st just to name two. But the screw job of Sandy Hook happens, and the only voice we hear is yours. You say half the police you know are for the new gun control laws and half aren’t, so to me half the police are in the position of treason and half are good guys, but you also say you think it’s a good thing when police snipers are at the super bowl pointing riffles at families just in case they do something wrong, but what happens if we point riffles at the police when we know by your admission that they have a fifty percent ratio of intent to destroy our freedom?

        I understand you’re an honorable person, we would never have even heard of you if you weren’t. So my goal isn’t to poke you with a stick, or put you on the spot, but rather to put you in our shoes and ask you, how in the world are we ever to be able to trust police? I’m sure your speaking out, which I give you great respect for because it could cost you your career at some point, must have been heard by somebody in the employ of CT, and stirred up some discussion at some point? Or hasn’t it? I only ask because, we are at a cross roads of sorts in this country, where battle lines are being drawn, and we are all going to have to choose a side whether we want to or not. This comes at a time, when we are seeing all kinds of crazy behavior from police, but we are not seeing police speak out against it. Out of all the questions I’ve asked, and the rest of my mumblings, I guess my point is that the police better start taking a stand, or by default, due to who they work for and the others with them they turned a blind eye to, they will have a side declared for them. I’m sure there must be as many cops who are just as pissed as the rest of us, is there any way of nudging them into the open, or are we going to have to assume them enemies?

        • Praxis

          There is a time and a place for everything.
          I wouldn’t make myself lucky enough to have a team of monsters destroying my door.
          Fight smart.

          • Hannon

            Believe me, I’m not looking for a fight, or planning anything violent. I’m asking some honest questions. Some of my friends in the Guard here in CT are totally freaked out, mostly because of the training and questions they’re getting but none of them will speak out publicly. Some of them are digging in for a fight, but I say wouldn’t it be better if all the good guys went public and said no way, then maybe we could avoid a fight, but they are afraid. If they all spoke out like Mark S Mann does, we wouldn’t have to worry about becoming the Soviet Union, but they don’t. I’m just trying to gage the mentality of the people who would get the orders to pull the last rug from under freedom, and it doesn’t look good. Out of the entire state of CT, we have one guy willing to call BS and speak out.

            • Praxis

              Tragic indeed.

              I understand the fear. I have a few friends like that too, a whole family in law enforcement, one in an agency I can’t reveal and another in ‘defense’ contracting. They’re scared shitless.

              But when the rubber meets road, and hook or crook it will, everyone needs the courage to sacrifice everything (and I don’t mean violence) or we’re all in deep shit.

              • Hannon

                Their silence is their consent. Every time a cop does the right thing publicly, they turn into an internet sensation and are held in the highest regard with the public. They become heroes instantly, and gain the backing of the people paying their salaries. Mark put his hunk of flesh on the fire whether he knows it or not, if this thing goes hot, they are going to red list his butt for speaking up. But that’s it, out of this whole state, we only have one man?

                • Praxis

                  One pseudonym. Who knows if he really is in the state? Nonetheless he is protecting himself. If his voice is being heard, he knows what he’s doing. The thing I would chagrin more is the lack of others to take similar measures who have ‘the know’ even if it is by proxy.

                  This continues to be an apprehensive ballet of dancing intelligence and information, not a street fight. No one really wants a fight.

                  Tact. Being angry is perfectly acceptable. Inviting a quick death one by one is a tragic foible. Only the adept should be pushing the envelope.

                  Trouble is, finding those adept. Maybe the better question is, where are the really smart people and why aren’t there more of them in the right positions with the courage to work toward ending tyranny?

                • Praxis

                  They aren’t conversing on the internet, should they be around, for very very good reasons.

                • Hannon

                  Praxis, you’re right about conversations not happening on the internet. Being a CT native, I’ve heard things people won’t even say near electronics, let alone the net and from people one wouldn’t expect. But there is the problem, they’re not out in the public making themselves heard. It amazes me they have the courage for war and some of them have been there, but not to speak up. There’s a quiet pressure building in the back ground, I just hope it gets channeled the correct way when the dam breaks.

    • “Here in Connecticut, this has already been done despite vehement protest.”

      Go back to TARP. What percentage of Americans SAID NO……. what happened?

      “All it’s going to do is escalate the police state and kill innocent people.”

      Yep…… without our guns we’re dead, literally!!!
      I’m thinking the economy will crater before we’re disarmed. “They’ll” pop the clutch on us anyway. Then it comes down to if we fight back or submit. Humm, at least 100 million pissed off Americans against 100,000 DHS agents. Hopefully the Gestapo looses this one.

  • Eric

    Hey DUMBocrats…

    You’re NOT getting the guns you morons!!!! Pure and simple. You’re not getting the ammo!!! We are!!! We are a hell of a lot smarter than you!!! Any attempt you make, makes us stronger and wakes more people out of their trance.

    Liberty lovers…

    Buy more guns. Buy more ammo. Buy more silver. Buy more food. Keep them handy and hidden.

    50 years of “the great society” has been an adjunct failure!!!

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      Hey, Eric. I would have thought by now (you being here and all) that you would have overcome that urge to pidgin-hole the problem as a blue/red team problem. See my post above and comment on it. Have you seen that quote? Are there any others that could raise a flag about the balance of liberty over tyranny?

  • MRH

    To the Bloods and Crips (as Gerald Celente calls them). You can try as hard as you would like to take as much as you can steal, but the people of this country are awakening. If you plan on making a big move, you need to do it soon; otherwise, you will be met, head on, by another more powerful, much larger gang–the Citizens of the United States. We have been trying to play fair, we have been trying to meet you on common ground, but you continually lie, steal and commit acts of treason. How much longer do you think we are going to take it? How much longer do you think the people are going to remain sleeping? From what I see, everyday, in real life interacting with the general public, your time is very, very limited.

  • Truthseeker

    Did anyone notice as I did, the completely condescending tone of voice of the “official” moderating the public comments session? Even after powerful testimony of a man who escaped Castro’s Marxist Cuba, this guy sounded like a traffic cop listening to a bad excuse for speeding. He doesn’t give a shit. He won’t ever give a shit. He’s being paid by his masters to keep the agenda moving forward.

    I am thankful for men like Mr. Martinez speaking out. However, redress of grievances before bureaucrats, and protesting in the streets has never changed anything. It won’t ever change anything. These people only understand one thing. It’s the same thing they use to rule the people. Fear through force. The law has no teeth without the sword. They know this very well. Castro and every other dictator knows this very well. That is why they are trying to take the arms of the people, before the people take up arms.

    • Ed_B

      “He doesn’t give a shit. He won’t ever give a shit. He’s being paid by his masters to keep the agenda moving forward.”

      Agreed. So, every time one of these snakes pops his head up, he should be spotted, noted, and voted out of office. Time and money spent on the opponents of such cretins is well spent. ALL politicians should have to declare that they are FOR liberty and not more commie BS as usual. This needs to be sincere and not a mere put-on for public consumption. One look at their voting record and lefto-communist agenda will show whether or not they are being truthful. This is not about par-ty but about liber-ty. There has been FAR too much par-ty-ing going on and the country is suffering because of it.

  • Jeff

    I’m sensing another false flag mass shooting is in the works followed with an “I have a pen” presidential moment. Have a safe weekend fellow SGT’ers.

    • SGT

      Manuel Martinez’ passion and wisdom is authentic & inspiring, thanks for commenting. Have a great weekend friends.

      • lastmanstanding

        SGT…could you dig up and repost the one of the gentlemen in NY that sounded off against the same thing? The one with the awesome background music.

        I went back in the archives and just couldn’t find it. My wife and I were watching Mr. Martinez and then she said, “I have one for you” and then it became a “did you see this one, how about this one!”

        I sat and played the NY one about 30 times when you put it up.

        Thanks for a great site.

        • SGT

          Thanks lastman, I’ll look for it, but our search bar had not been functioning well since the last WP upgrade, so it is harder to locate older posts now. I wish we coudl remember the title of the post, then I could find it for sure.

          • lastmanstanding

            Thanks brother…Was looking further myself this afternoon and with our satellite link and a snow storm, I couldn’t load back pages beyond the middle of 2013…I’m still trying.

            The hell of it is, I can’t remember how long ago it was…once you hit 50, time really starts flying by!

        • Ed_B

          Lastman… there are a lot of really GREAT articles and videos out there that deserve to be kept and archived. I do this so that these will not be lost. One of my best tools for this is a program called “Save Tube”. If you are not familiar with it, it allows us to save audio files as mp3s and video files in 3-4 different formats. I usually use the mp4 format for video as it is compact and of high quality. I’m not sure I know which video you are referring to but if it is on You Tube, you can look it up and then save it to your computer via Save Tube. Save Tube works really well and is free. 🙂

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      Those fuckers are using pens and swords against us.

  • Stefan

    Wow…………….Got a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. God Bless you, our brother.

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    One man has affected many. This is the kind of posting that can be used to spread the word. Two men can disseminate it further. Make it compound. Good work, Sean.

  • TORNasunder

    Powerful testimony. Preach it brother!

  • Ed_B

    I have heard words similar to these from a Chinese man with whom I used to work. It is people like him and Mr. Martinez who KNOW communist BS when they see it because they HAVE seen it and they KNOW that it is ugly AND stinky. Those who do not know it are too dumb to recognize it when they step in it. These are the dumbs**ts who do not deserve liberty. Love liberty? Then never again should you vote for anyone who is not willing to go to the wall for it.

  • Marc

    WOW….. Incredible heart felt Immigrant who loves and has more wisdom about America and its founding principles than most American born zombies.
    Thank you sir for your speech to those ignorant Statists, God bless you and your family.

  • cathy

    Oregon is already communist. They killed my mother there by putting her into a hospice without consulting our family. Took all her money. And drugged her until she was dead. It takes about 2-3 weeks to kill someone with high doses of morphine on a frail body. The bitch that owns that place, has the audacity to send me an envelope now and then for donations. I got treated with disregard while I was down there dealing with all the “red tape”. The “case worker” was a total liar. It seems like a racket with somebody making a profit from it (the hospice owner in the tune of thousands of dollars per death..hence the reason for the overdosing of morphine) and then the State takes control of all excess money and assets. My mother was terminal, but she was lucid and fine until they put her on the morphine. They killed her quick so they could get another person in there. I know my mother also had several hundred dollars on her, so I told her to hide it (because if we put it in her checking account the hospice and government would get it. After I left she passed away about a week later and that money disappeared…When I went to pick up her few personal things someone had taken that money…Real sick…And much worse than what I can write here in words.

    • They are systematically doing that here in Montreal. The scandal is so enormous no one can believe it. I don’t doubt this exists in certain institutions everywhere in N. America.

      • cathy

        It seems there are many people talking about it. I did a search on ‘hospice killing morphine’ and got tons of websites devoted to talking about this issue. here is one I visited and tons of comments:

        One person said the Hospices are like “an assembly line”…That seems accurate.

        I remember the people there, the workers, the owner, the paid “case workers” and the guy that ran the hospice care services that was connected to this particular hospice (he wouldn’t talk to me until my mother was down to the last couple days of her life…which they always seem to know). I do remember them saying she had only a few days to live when I first went to Oregon. But she told them to ease up on morphine and seemed to be doing better when I left. I planned on going back down, but it was difficult do to my own personal finances and she died before I got back down…so I feel a lot of guilt for that on top of it all.

        It’s all a form of Communism/Socialism at it’s worse, when the State hires business to kill your kin-folk. That’s what they do with hospice, to save medicare money and some slob profits from it.

        I hope to god when and if this happens to me that I still have energy to pick a gun up and put a quick bullet in my head. I don’t want to ever sign papers…although someday they will likely do this without any signatures required.

    • Ed_B

      Cathy… I am terribly sorry that you had such an awful experience with a hospice. It is more than bad enough to go through the loss of a loved one without having that added to it.

      When my Father was very ill with cancer, my Mom carried a huge load in caring for him. My sister and I pitched in and helped all we could but due to work and other family duties, we could not spend a lot of time traveling to help Mom out as much as she needed. Dad went through radiation and chemo and was dying but trying to preserve what dignity he could. He was a helluva man and I am so proud of him and Mom for the fight they waged for his life. At one point, Mom just could not do it all. It was exhausting her and I was afraid that she would die in the effort to help him. None of us knew what else to do but at about that point, a friend of hers recommended that she contact the local hospice. She did and they sent a young gal to their home 3 times a week for 4 hours each time who would stay with Dad, give him medication, food, water, and anything else he needed. Mom was able to get some rest, go shopping, and take care of banking, insurance, and her own medical needs because she did not need to be with Dad 24/7. The young gal was kind, friendly, professional, and very helpful. Dad passed away a few weeks later but our family owes a lot to the local hospice in Salem, OR. We contribute money to them from time to time so they can continue their great work.

  • Paula Tuttle

    This man’s passion for liberty comes from direct experience in Cuba’s fall from freedom, and he’s very accurate when he says ‘what you’re selling will only be bought by the ones who enjoy enslavement and dependency on government’. Every communist regime FIRST had to disarm the people. Once they take the guns from private citizens (subjects), they’ve removed freedom. Big government is the enemy of freedom, always has been and always will be. It’s only goal is to disempower. It’s trying to take 100% control. Witness the depraved state of the former USA right now! They’ve sold our industries (jobs), our resources and our real estate to our debtors world-wide, and we can’t get any of it back! They’ve put the US citizens up as collateral for loans that will never be repaid. America…wake up and stand against this hostile take-over of your once free country!!

    • cathy

      I also heard that the China has told the U.S. to adopt stricter gun control. I find that NOT so surprising considering the financial situation of the U.S. with China being padded and pumped up by one of the Elite circles. (find Evelyn de Rothschild interviews where he is in Dubai talking about the shift in power and money to the East…It was done purposely). I really like the Chinese people, but their government sucks! The numbers murdered in China under Mao are from 20-70 million! That’s just mind boggling. And we thought Hitler was bad? Well, he was a psychotic F, but as more information gets published about those times, it does look like Hitler was rounding up Jews to send them to Palestine. It all went haywire and many died of typhoid and later starvation when Germany began losing and the ovens were built to get rid of typhoid ridden bodies. Not that it makes the story any better. But I am a stickler for truth, even if that means Un-demonizing an entire nation.

      But ultimately I think the Socialist-Commies out of Oregon got that way from the purposeful POLARIZATION of political camps. We are getting more and more people either extreme right or extreme left. It seems to be a strategy of control.

  • Bill

    ITS a real easy REVEAL AS WHO STANDS TO GAIN FROM THIS? The citizen or those on the HOT SEAT that think they are wiser/hidden agenda’s?

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