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Maguire – The Reason Why Silver May Be Set To Skyrocket

from KingWorldNews:

Maguire: “Here is the problem, and why these banks are willing to throw all credibility out of the window (with wrong-footed bearish calls on gold): They are heavily underwater in their physical positions in London, and they are desperate to replace these disappearing inventories….

“They are extremely worried about the shift in bearish sentiment, and they are doing their utmost trying to stop this from taking off.

Now, we’ve been getting a lot of two-way information regarding India. … The World Gold Council estimates gold smuggling to be 20 to 30 tons per month, but my wholesaler says this is a ‘gross underestimation,’ and could be as high as ’50 tons per month.’

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1 comment to Maguire – The Reason Why Silver May Be Set To Skyrocket

  • Mike

    600 tons of gold a year smuggled on the black market…Isn’t that just about 1/3 mine supply in a year and no one notices it’s missing? Not to mention the Chinese importing 2000 tons, another years worth of mine supply? What about the rest of the worlds imports? The numbers just do not add up. I have kind of had it with these reports of BS. If that was true there would be no gold available at all. You can go out and buy as much gold as you want, no problem. Just go to your favorite Miles Franklin or Apmex, Provident etc. Something is seriously wrong with the numbers as far as mine supply and world production goes. I would be willing to bet it’s quadruple what most people state and even mines. It would be in their interest to say there is less. It the only way to explain with “exploding” demand there is zero hold up (Maybe some slight fabricating delays of your favorite Perth coin). You cant say now that the US Gov is using Ft Knox gold to cover demand because for years now peeps have been saying the US has no Gold at FT Knox. If there is no gold there how are they getting so much gold? Really where is all this gold coming from? …It’s coming from mines and there is plenty. Now I have to go back to Bix, he was right there is far more gold above ground than reported. I wonder what the real Silver numbers are now,, starting to suspect it’s close to Iron. I wish someone could come out with correct numbers. I dont suppose it occurred to anyone that gold has been manipulated up not down? …Anyway I am totally confused and frustrated with all of this. I am not sure what Maguire’s angle is, but i’ll bet he is making a good bit of fiat of this propaganda.

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