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Lessons to Learn From a Tech-Age Ice Storm

by Catherine J. Frompovich, Activist Post:

Everyone thinks it will never happen to them, and then it does. You and your family become unwilling captives of an event that demands your hunkering down for your safety and well-being. It can be a hurricane, snowstorm, or like I lived through, an ice storm that brought the Southeastern part of Pennsylvania into what people were calling “Snowmageddon”– one snow storm after another, often every other day, since November. If that wasn’t bad enough, we experienced a brutal weather ‘centerpiece’, the “ice apocalypse” that downed power lines for over 715,000 people early in February 2014. Most folks had no choice but to shelter in place at home.

After several days in icy frigid weather without power, light, heat, food refrigeration, phone service, cable, the Internet and all the high tech appliances – even cell phones at one time – modern life made us servants to, life stood still and we had to scramble to survive in what seemed like returning to a pre-technological world of make believe. However, it was all too real and many were totally unprepared. No school, no work, and no services – it seemed like no anything!

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2 comments to Lessons to Learn From a Tech-Age Ice Storm

  • If you’re not prepared “before”, you’ll suffer greatly later.

    I love the current scenes out of Atlanta. Stores bare and people in a panic. It’s just like our hurricanes down here. Everyone scrambles for what they can get. After….. nothing but anger, discomfort, and lines. I’ll pass on all three.

  • CalsailX

    I hate that people suffer because they don’t prepare, but if you survive to learn from your mistakes your stronger for having had faced adversity.

    It makes for a people that are stronger, more self reliant, and better able to think on their feet. At the very least something as simple as a hot shower, takes on a new meaning when you’ve been without one for a week or two.

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