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Jon Stewart Laughs In Pelosi’s Face After She Admits She “Doesn’t Know” Why ObamaCare Site Failed

from Western Journalism:

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6 comments to Jon Stewart Laughs In Pelosi’s Face After She Admits She “Doesn’t Know” Why ObamaCare Site Failed

  • Frank Fortenberry

    These govt.workers,congressmen,senators,presidents work their cause the can’t cut it in the real world.They lie,cheat,steal,etc. to get the smocks to vote for them and then bank roll the people to further their inheritance and retirement.

  • MRH

    Hi Nancy, what exactly, specifically do you know? Can you tell us what is going on in your own Washington DC office right now? Do you have any clues about any aspect of life that is going on around you? Don’t you think it is time to pull your head out of your arse and experience life here at ground zero? No. Didn’t think so.

    Anyone who votes this person back into office deserves everything they get–which will be an even more tyrannical out of control government that will be more than happy to steal everything you own and send you and your family to the nearest FEMA Camp.

  • Petedivine

    I feel contempt for the people that continually vote Nancy Pelosi into office. She is a cancer to the nation, but blame must start with her constituents.

  • Jeff

    Pathetic parasitic waste of skin. I really wish Stewart was real enough to verbally dress her down but then again, he’s part of the problem too.

  • chimichanga

    Best was him cutting her off to go to Auto-starting videos FTL!

  • Eric

    If Nancy Pegrossi was in a beauty contest, she would lose to a heap of dead rotten stinking fish.

    If she was on Jeopardy, she’d lose to Chris Matthews who coincidentally IS actually a bag of hammers!

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