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John Paul Stevens Wants To Re-write The Second Amendment

from Ben Swann:

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7 comments to John Paul Stevens Wants To Re-write The Second Amendment

  • This is getting SO old.

    They will NOT get our guns.

    If the people of a liberal state like Connecticut are telling you to F-Off , what do you think the reaction is going to be in Texas, Wyoming, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Oklahoma, the Dakota’s, Idaho, Montana, Missouri …….?????

    Go ahead……. pop that clutch. You don’t have enough DHS agents to hold all of our bullets. We’ll have plenty left over for what really “needs” to be done.

  • All Americans are the militia. the words on that piece of paper were chosen wisely.
    Sorry, retired second string supreme court judge. its a no go.

  • Hoser

    This guy needs to go on a “Permanent” vacation!!!

  • CalsailX

    As it appears that Stevens has been loosing his marbles, it’s a good thing he retired. One would hope he would understand that the intent of Bill of Rights, was to protect the Federal Government from transgressions and stupidity committed by public servants in it’s name.

    Without the consent, you don’t have a government. The Natural rights of an armed American people, go far beyond what is found in the Bill of Rights. The most powerful institution in this country is a jury made up of said people, it would be well that some miscreants not forget that.

  • monica

    he’s not a sitting justice…he’s done, career over. he was probably been given a sweet bonus to spew this garbage in his retirement.

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