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John B. Wells Fired From Coast to Coast… Why?

from Anthony Antonello:

John B Wells, Who was the Saturday night host of Coast to Coast AM since January 2012 was let go. Many people are surprised by this decision for the fact he was one of, if not the most popular host on the show. Coast to Coast AM has the largest night time audience in the World and in spite of Wells popularity on the show, a decision was made that C2C was going in a “different direction”.

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4 comments to John B. Wells Fired From Coast to Coast… Why?

  • Hannon

    I’m wondering if they are caving in to federal pressure, and Wells wouldn’t have any of it?

  • beth

    Maybe FCC put pressure on c2c,talk about E.T. ok…govt spook projects no

  • Tophat

    Told Truth, got more public recently. He cant be scared off but the network owners can. That simple.

  • Michael Cookson

    He was probably fired for being way too political! The show was not about politics. John, who was criticized for being too political, couldn’t get away from his own biases! C2C fans wanted to hear about, UFO’s, Ghost and other strange phenomenon! John spent way too much time on his own personal political beliefs!

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