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Jim Willie on Bankster Suicides: Bankers Were ‘TAKEN OUT’ to Prevent FOREX Fraud Whistle-blowing!

from Silver Doctors:

Jim Willie of the Golden Jackass states that the suicided bankers had flipped during prosecution investigation, and were assassinated to prevent insider testimony of bank fraud from reaching the prosecution.

Willie, who recently sat down with The Doc for an exclusive interview revealing the “Smoking Gun” proving gold rehypothecation by US officials, emphasizes that we are NOT seeing bad bankers removed, we are witnessing bankers taken out who are on the verge of revealing BIG DATA details.

The banker hits are being done by the bad guys to keep men from singing after they flipped during prosecution investigation. All have been working with police teams and continental cops like Interpol.

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photo: NY Daily News

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6 comments to Jim Willie on Bankster Suicides: Bankers Were ‘TAKEN OUT’ to Prevent FOREX Fraud Whistle-blowing!

  • Mark Borda

    This guy Jim Willie is such a drama queen. He’s got no inside sources, but uses the idea of his own private army of whistleblowers to enhance what are basically opinions. Good opinions, but opinions nonetheless. Think about it – in this age of ultimate and near total surveillance if anyone thinks that there are ‘leakers’ out there that aren’t controlled or put there on purpose to spread disinfo then there’s little hope for you. Legit leakers are immediately ID’d and dealt with – or else they have to flee to Russia for protection like Ed Snowden. So maybe the bankers were suicided to prevent leaks, but the next time the Golden Jackass tells you about his secret contacts, etc, ask him to tell you how he vetted those folks. It’ll be a fun time hearing his answer. Trust me, been there and done that 😉

    • Z

      The “jackass” and the “turd” are two characters who practice subtle psychological manipulation through Self-Depreciation. They call themselves insulting names in order to get others to let down their guard and trust them. It has worked well for both…

      I loved it when the “turd” did an interview with Paul Craig Roberts and PCR refused to call him “turd” and made him answer to his real first name in the interview. The only time that I have ever heard him do it. PCR is a class act.

  • Buck Wild

    @ m borda, you got anything better? You think Snowden isnt controlled opposition? You dont get that much press without being a part of the overall agenda. Where is the press for all the other whistleblowers?

    • Z

      Since USMSM is an arm of the USG all of “that press” which you refer to is probably in the round file. People in America are gradually being led to believe that RT is a more reliable source of the NEWZ… don’t believe it. They are just playing people who have given up on the American press.

      Russell Tice, another NSA whistleblower said: “The difference between Snowden and myself is that all I have is hearsay, Snowden has documented proof, that is why they want him so badly”.

  • Bruce Barry

    I’ve been following “Jim Willie” for quite some time now. I’m about 95% sure his real name is Eric Jon Phelps of “Vatican Assassin” fame. If you listen to interviews you can’t help but realize the similarities between the two. “Jim” goes on Christian radio, “Jim” rants about the Vatican in almost every post, “Jim” makes crazy off the wall remarks in interviews. I’m not a hater or anything but I think the reason Eric Jon Phelps uses an alias is because of his previously well known comments about white superiority and his beliefs that support the Geocentric Model theory. Please research and see for yourself.

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