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Jim Willie – An Exclusive Extended Interview (Part 1)


Jim Willie, editor of the Hat Trick Letter was on for an extensive interview. He says that Syria and the Ukraine are really all about the pipeline wars. Gazprom is pushing aside OPEC’s monopoly and the West’s effort to stop it. He believes that Venezuela is what the US will look like in the future, criminality, inefficiency and corruption.

On the financial front, the seismic waves of destruction for the US Dollar are coming more fast and furiously. From Cyprus, to German repatriation, to LIBORgate, etc. How much longer can’t be accurately forecast, but things are certainly heating up.

China’s financial system is on edge, but their gold reserves (15,000 tons) will enable them to crater their paper system, along with the dollar, thereby putting them in charge of the resulting gold-based economic system.

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2 comments to Jim Willie – An Exclusive Extended Interview (Part 1)

  • Rodster

    When the whole economic system goes tits up you’ll see a greater chance of an IMF SDR currency than a world reserve currency held by one Nation.

  • Rodster

    The entire world is going global i.e. global governance as well as currency and it’s all playing quite nicely for the George Soros types. They want ultimate control. China will be just another pea in the soup. 😉

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