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Jim Sinclair in Austin, TX

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

I had the pleasure yesterday of hearing Jim Sinclair speak to a packed room of “CIGA’s.”  I met up with GATA/Le Metropole Cafe’s Bill Murphy ahead of time for lunch and then we headed on down to the conference.  Jim was in Dubai for most of the past week (on TRX business) and flew 24 hours to make the conference.  Though he claimed a massive case of jet lag, he was sharp, witty and did what I had “hoped” he would.  If you read Jim’s website then you know that “he goes there” on nearly any and all topics financial and normally doesn’t pull any punches.  I have seen him speak several times before this (I attended his very first conference in 2003 in CT) and if you listen carefully he says more than he writes, he did not disappoint yesterday!

Before going any further I want to give you an idea of “who” Jim is.  He started right out of the box yesterday saying that “honor” in the financial world is completely gone and that fraud is everywhere.  Through his words to us you could feel his “genuity” both intellectually and spiritually.  I would have no problem ever doing any deal of any size on a “handshake” with him.

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5 comments to Jim Sinclair in Austin, TX

  • Jeff

    I’m with Chris Duane on Sinclair. Don’t trust him as far as I could throw him. Hey Bill, did you ask him about silver?

    • Jeff

      Well it turns out he did talk silver. This is the first time I’ve ever hear him address Ag at all. Kudos to Bill for pulling out of him. Still don’t trust the guy.

    • Z

      Sinclair was a WS broker… you do not become successful there by sounding unconvincing and being totally honest with your clients. Max Keiser was a WS broker. Not sure about how successful he was as a broker but he developed some of the original HFT software and cashed out of that with a bundle. I used to listen to Keiser’s Press TV (Iran) shows and he would occasionally share a bit about about how the brokers would screw the clients. Their job is to sound convincing.

      The key to a successful salesperson is that they never stop talking long enough to give the client time to stop and think about all the aspects of what they are being told. I, personally, would not trust either one of them.

      a side note: Keiser left America to live in Europe and all of his shows are or have been on foreign media. Western governments shutdown the airing of Press TV and now he is big on RT. I would think that the USG would be suspicious of allowing Russian media to air in the US so you never know… For the moment at least, the Russian are supposed to be our friends. FWIW

      • Z

        I wonder if anyone who understands English has read the whole article?

        Excerpt: “It’s gone.” He said (and I love the common sense and down to Earth analogy), “If I owe you $100 and you only pay me back $1.50, then you are either a deadbeat or you don’t have it. The German gold is gone.”

        That statement was supposedly JS’s answer to a question about the German Gold reparition. HUH?

        If someone owes me $100 and I only pay them back $1.50 then I am a deadbeat… What is wrong with that picture? Either Jimbo was on the plane too long or someone is English challenged…

  • Insert_Name_Here

    If it wasn’t for a short telephone sales call made to guess who? Jim Sinclair, I would be one of the Sheeple and not the tireless researcher/ Awake Citizen that I am today.
    Thank You from the bottom of my heart Jim Sinclair, you have given me a future, where most everyone I know……has no future except poverty.

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