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It ripped me up inside to see this kid in jail

from Sovereign Man:

On the tail end of my Army career over a decade ago when I was still living in the Land of the Free, I used to be a volunteer for the Big Brothers / Big Sisters program. If you’ve never heard of it, BBBS is a non-profit that temporarily matches up at-risk youth with responsible mentors in an effort to provide kids with positive role models.

When I first enrolled, the administrators linked me up with a kid from the inner city just hitting his ‘tween’ years. I’ll call him “DJ”. DJ was great. Despite living in one of the most violent, crime-infested areas of Dallas, he had managed to keep a positive attitude on life. He was always smiling, and polite.

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1 comment to It ripped me up inside to see this kid in jail

  • CalsailX

    You might have tossed the MGTOW life line his way, it’s self-empowering at the very least it may forestall destruction.

    Myself I was MGHOW before I knew what it was, it was just avoiding a mine field that was killing the men I’d known.

    I don’t hate women, nor how they use politicians. However money is power and stripping it from the hands of women pretending to be victims, and politicians pretending to be white knights is always a “good thing”.

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