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Is media just another word for control?

by John Pilger, The Daily Sheeple:

A recent poll asked people in Britain how many Iraqis had been killed as a result of the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The answers they gave were shocking. A majority said that fewer than 10,000 had been killed. Scientific studies report that up to a million Iraqi men, women and children died in an inferno lit by the British government and its ally in Washington. That’s the equivalent of the genocide in Rwanda. And the carnage goes on. Relentlessly.

What this reveals is how we in Britain have been misled by those whose job is to keep the record straight. The American writer and academic Edward Herman calls this ‘normalising the unthinkable’. He describes two types of victims in the world of news: ‘worthy victims’ and ‘unworthy victims’. ‘Worthy victims’ are those who suffer at the hands of our enemies: the likes of Assad, Qadaffi, Saddam Hussein. ‘Worthy victims’ qualify for what we call ‘humanitarian intervention’. ‘Unworthy victims’ are those who get in the way of our punitive might and that of the ‘good dictators’ we employ. Saddam Hussein was once a ‘good dictator’ but he got uppity and disobedient and was relegated to ‘bad dictator’.

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2 comments to Is media just another word for control?

  • Plistkin

    10k eh? That would be equivalent to a lower accident rate for all jay walking fatalities. At that rate Iraq would be the safest country in the world. Must be that new math they are teaching.

  • A million souls in Iraq is just about right. Now let’s add in Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Afghanistan, Sudan….. Gosh it’s hard to keep track of all the counties we’ve f’ed up.
    Millions dead…. countries destroyed…. lives ruined.

    Can someone please remind me just WHO the terrorist are again???

    If there’s one thing I’d like to do, it would be to drop all the politicians, MIC execs, and military leaders smack dab into the middle of one of these countries. Let the people know where and when.

    It’s too bad you can only kill a person once. Many like Bitch Hillary deserve thousands. Bush, Bush, Cheney, Have a Cigar, Rice, Powell, Lieberman, and that puke McCain should receive the same treatment.

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