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If You Believe In Reality….Buy Silver

by Ryan Jordan, Silver Phoenix 500:

Watching the price action of silver these past few weeks reminds me just how long the long term is. Identifying the fundamentals for an asset to move higher is one thing—it is something quite different to actually be able to “sit tight and be right,” as the great Jesse Livermore reputedly said, to ride a bull market to its top. Bull markets do their best to throw followers off the market’s track to higher prices. Years can go by where price does nothing and exhaustion or indifference among the former bulls starts to set in. I do believe that is where we are right now in the silver market, as I have repeatedly made comparisons to the 1968 to 1971 correction. A comparison—I might add—that everyone else covering this space seems to have forgotten. On the way from under one dollar to nearly fifty, silver took three years to be cut in half, from roughly 2.60 to under 1.30 before resuming what would go down in the history books as one of the great bull markets in history. I can cite plenty of other examples of commodities (it always seems to be the commodities) going practically nowhere for years before exploding higher 5, 10, or 15 times in short order. As in life, all we have in investing are opportunities (especially with cash yielding nothing). If you are someone involved in the silver space, I hope you are able to hang on to your investments, even if price goes nowhere this year. Try to remember the long term.

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2 comments to If You Believe In Reality….Buy Silver

  • Ed_B

    “Gold and silver are not only commodities, and they are not only financial assets. They are money and they are real assets.”

    Indeed they are. They are also a very affordable form of financial insurance in a world brimming with financial craziness. If one buys $10,000 worth of silver and gold, the likelihood of them being worth less than $10,000 + inflation in 20+ years is almost nil. On the other hand, the likelihood of them being worth MUCH more than $10,000 if the economic SHTF is pretty high. This is one of those “no-brainer” bets.

    “Chinese solar demand (bear in mind solar panels use quite a bit of silver in amounts that cannot be easily recovered) is by some estimates set to grow five times over the next 6 years.”

    Then it will be up to the scientists who work in metals research to come up with a method whereby such small amounts of silver can be recovered and reused. There are several possible avenues of research for this, including chemical, electrolytic, nano, and various ion exchange resins that might be employed. If the recovery method was inexpensive and required little human activity, it should become possible to recover a lot of the silver that is used in small amounts but in vast numbers of applications in industry. All that is really required is the imagination and desire to do so. A little financial support for a few universities doing work in metals micro and nano chemistry could work wonders.

  • glitter 1

    My Gold and Silver stash is going towards generational wealth transfer to my children and grand children,if the Lord Tarries of course.

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