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Gold, Silver & Oil To Crush The Bears With Historic Advances

from KingWorldNews:

On the heels of a recent surge in gold and silver, today top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick sent King World News seven incredibly important charts which shows that gold, silver, and oil may now be set for historic advances. Below are the astonishing gold, silver, and oil charts that all KWN readers around the world need to see.

Fitzpatrick’s weekly gold chart is an excellent follow up to his KWN interview this week in that it clearly shows the magnet attracting gold to the $1,434 level and beyond.

Fitzpatrick’s 34-year monthly gold chart illustrates that the corrective cycle which was experienced in the gold market was very similar to what was seen from 1974 – 1976.

Tom Fitzpatrick continues @

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4 comments to Gold, Silver & Oil To Crush The Bears With Historic Advances

  • RightofRushLimbaugh

    I had to break my own rule Sean. The door didn’t hit my ass on the way out of your site. But it has been pleasant not reading how horrible the Jews are as of late. Your one contributors face hasn’t been seen for a while, which is a good thing.

    Okay. Now I am starting to wonder why King Word News has any place on your site. KWN is about making money and doesn’t give two shits about anything else. They are making money off of people’s fears and pulling the fear strings every single day by catch phrases like ” Massive”, “Horrific”, “Terrifying”, “Apocalypse”, “Gold to Soar” and “Will Expload”.

    Your site is about speaking the truth. Please look into anything KWN has written about since the Spring of 2011 and see how accurate they have been. Every single article has been wrong. EVERY ONE!!

    Everybody on this site knows there will be a collapse. We also know that Gold and Silver will rise and be a great investment. But the way KWN keep beating a dead horse is truly pathetic.

    Wonder why I rarely ever see any post in the comment section?? I bet I am not the only one on your site that is tired of their fear mongering.

    Feels like the Bush and Obama Administrations is running KWN.

    Good day.

  • Z

    Eric King is an unknown character who started KWN in 2009. I suspect that his guests subsidize the show to use it as an advertising vehicle. I have never seen a bio on EK. He does love to use the superlative…

  • Att: Editor of SGTreport

    We hope you might also find our newest Editorial on SILVER worthy to post at
    (with credits to )

    Silver Speculators: Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

    Best regards and wishes for a record 2014.

    * * * * * * * * *
    I.M. Vronsky

    • MRH

      Just published the article above and added your link to the list on the right side. I have been trying to post your works, and would love to see more. Our readers like your work and we will post as much as we can. Rory

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