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Gold Sentiment

by David Chapman, SafeHaven:

With the improvement in gold prices and the gold stocks since the beginning of 2014 there has also been an improvement in sentiment. The above chart illustrates the improvement in the gold sentiment as a ratio chart with the global stock market. It tells an interesting story given that the above chart goes back to 1984.

First some definitions. The global sharemarket index is an index compiled from market indices around the world. The index has 17 components and is arithmetically averaged in order to give them equal weighting. The 17 components are the – Dow Jones Industrials (DJI), Dow Jones Transportations (DJT), Dow Jones Utilities (DJU), NYSE, S&P 500, NASDAQ, Russell 2000, Hong Kong HSI, Japan Nikkei 225, Singapore STI, Australian AORD, TSX Composite 300, Mexico IPC, FTSE 100, Paris CAC, German DAX, and, Swiss SMI. The index is used to show global sentiment towards the world’s stock markets. As can be seen global sentiment towards stocks has been rising and has now exceeded peaks seen in 2000 and 2007.

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