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Global Chaos In 2014 Will Rival That Of The 2008 Collapse

from KingWorldNews:

Wall Street cheerleaders like to claim that the tapering of Fed asset purchases is not equivalent to the tightening of monetary policy. But the markets are clearly telling investors something different. Year-to-date the S&P 500 is down about 4% — not horrific for one month but stocks are certainly not following last year’s upside performance. The economic data such as durable goods, initial jobless claims, personal income, and housing sales have all shown a distinctive weakening trend.

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  • Z

    monetary “policy”

    America (USG) has had to borrow every penny of it’s operating expenses since 1995… America is primarily owned by the Federal Reserve system of private banks and secondarily by the creditors who purchase US Treasury debt. All of the money that the government is able to squeeze out of the people goes to make the interest payments to these two groups.

    The Planned Destruction of America
    by James Wardner

    chapter 4, page 47

    “Although many people today decry how the government is overspending, it is actually overborrowing. Every penny that the government spends in excess of its tax receipts has to be borrowed at interest. By 1995 ( Wardner wrote this in 1994), since all of the taxpayer’s money will go only toward paying the interest (not the principle) on the debt that the private bankers (FR) have so graciously loaned to the USG, all operating expenses of the USG will have to be borrowed on credit and at interest from money created out of nothing…”

    page 48

    “This is as good a time as any to come head-on with how we are being brainwashed by the media. In probably the best book on the subject, The Truth in Money Book by Thoren & Warner, the authors shed light on the true nature of this evil system (Money Creation & Manipulation by The Federal Reserve):

    “It is a tragedy that cycles of of prosperity and depression are thought and taught to be natural phenomena which are inescapable. The fact is that they are directly attributable to the policy manipulation of the amount of money and credit in the monetary system.”

    “Prosperity doesn’t cause inflation any more than a Windmill causes the wind to blow. Policy decisions restricting the flow of money cause depressions. The idea that depressions are necessary to counteract prosperity is one of the most fantastic misconceptions of present economic thinking.”

    The book emphasizes: “…there is absolutely nothing about meeting people’s needs and aspirations that causes inflation. The cause of inflation is not prosperity but the lack of debt-free money in our (The US) monetary system.”

    Thus all this discussion in the press and on TV regarding economic trends is nothing more than propagandized hogwash meant to deceive the public into ignorance. “

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