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Friday’s Massive Metals Rally Continues on Sunday Night…

Silver shoots through $22 in Asian trading…

UPDATE: The 2:15am EST “smack down” did not work today! Somebody was waiting.

SILVER: The Achilles’ Heel

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3 comments to Friday’s Massive Metals Rally Continues on Sunday Night…

  • glitter 1

    Someone is dumping the Dollar tonight.Let’s see if the “Falling Knife” gets caught.

  • Troy

    If silver does rally to above $60 this year…it will be funny watching people that have never owned silver buying at $40, $50, $60…..should have been buying at $19. When silver goes past $30 this spring…I’m going to halt buying silver, and stack more food. …I just got back from Aldi’s..they have great prices on organic food. I bought 2 cases of 28 ounce canned organic tomatoes for only $1.49 per can. Organic Spaghetti noodles, $1.19 each. Organic spaghetti sauce $1.99 per quart. VERY good prices….many organic products. My basement food stock is getting silly large…its a REALLY good feeling knowing that you have a food stock. Also, I’ve been buying 2 pound bags of organic basmati rice at Hy-Vee, $4 each….will last for deacdes if not forever. I have bought around 50 of those in the last 2 months. Wal-Mart has Keystone Meats….28 ounce cans, they last for decades if stored properly, $6.28 each…I have between 90-100 of those so far. Foods going to get expensive, so I figure I better buy some now while its still fairly cheap.

  • iguana green

    Not so fast folks! Gold is going up but wait and see. The criminals will knock it down soon. Remember: As long as the beer is cold, cable TV is working and ” my check” keeps coming in the mail ( or direct deposit) everything is fine.
    Not until those things stop will the sheeple awaken to the 11th hour before TSHTF.
    Buy it now while it’s relatively still cheap. The dam will break. One day. One day.

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