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FEDS to Withhold Vital Water From California Farmers [Massive Food Shortages Not Far Behind]

Fresno County leads the nation in agriculture production with $6.6 billion in annual economic activity.

from AP, via Yahoo News:

FRESNO, Calif. — Without a lot more rain and snow, many California farmers caught in the state’s drought can expect to receive no irrigation water this year from a vast system of rivers, canals and reservoirs interlacing the state, federal officials announced Friday.

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation released its first outlook of the year, saying that the agency will continue to monitor rain and snow fall, but the grim levels so far prove that the state is in the throes of one of its driest periods in recorded history.

Farmers who rely on the federally run Central Valley Project received only 20 percent of their normal water allotment last year and were expecting this year’s bad news. Some communities and endangered wildlife that rely on the federal water source will also suffer deep cuts.

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3 comments to FEDS to Withhold Vital Water From California Farmers [Massive Food Shortages Not Far Behind]

  • AC

    Maybe building homes for 20 million people in the middle of a desert was a bad idea?

  • Hawkeye

    Weather Modification – The True Source of Climate Change

    The Eastern half of the United States are getting hammered once again this week with crippling snow and unprecedented paralyzing ice storms. This past December there was a record difference in temperature variant of 117 degrees from New Hampshire to Florida.

    California has never seen such a continued dry period since….well ever and they are the number one producer of agriculture in the United States, while 100,000 cattle were lost to another unprecedented flash freeze event in North Dakota. Cattleman in California are purging their yearling stocks due to lack of water and grazing grass. For the short-term beef prices will be stable but come summer we will see another dramatic increase in prices for years to come.

    No leader in power is talking about the coming food crisis coming this summer and beyond, due to the lack of water in California. California is the “bread basket” of food produce and farmers will be cutting back severely on planting in the upcoming growing season.

  • Steelerdude

    agree AC…but also, we had to save the smelt fish in the california delta too, so no water from there…

    it will be sad for the rest of the nation as California supplies (correct me if Im wrong) 2/3’s of the nations vegetables and produce

    So we will all be eating crow….

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