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Fed-head calls for end of “too-big-to-fail”

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

All I could say when I saw this Reuters headline today (and the article which accompanies it) is “wow!”

Ordinarily; subject matter of this nature would be slotted in either our “Economics” section, or “General Market Chat”. But this is paradigm-altering stuff. It’s so big; I’m going to write a commentary on this (at least one). So for now; I’ll just cover some of the ancillary topics which would not make it into a commentary — but which are great for discussion for the Forum.

For instance, as we learned in “The Money Masters”; over the past 120 years or so, anyone in the U.S. in a position of power/influence like this who has proposed such dramatic changes to current banking laws (against the interests of the Big Banks) has been ASSASSINATED by the One Bank.

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