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Essential Preps To Survive After TSHTF

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

After a complete SHTF breakdown of modern civilization, there are essential preps which will help you survive a new world in which survival will hinge upon a more primitive and basic set of supplies, skills and preparations.

Food Procurement: Garden, Fishing, Hunting, Trapping — Everyone needs to eat. When your stored food is gone, you will need another source. Don’t expect a handout without trading for something of equal or more value, if at all. Expect to grow your own food, or fish for it, hunt for it or trap for it — or all of the above.

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1 comment to Essential Preps To Survive After TSHTF

  • Rancher

    Nice as far as it goes. However once again you authors grossly fail to mention the absolute need for numbers… and I do not mean children under 12 as they just draw away from the adult man power…period. A semi remote self sustaining location will need from 8-30 people depending on the infrastructural support and the in place means to cover your perimeter out to some distance. Let us say 1,000 day light yards.

    That simply means enough of weapons capable shooters willing and able to deliver the kill shot if needed in a 360 degree coverage from dawn to dusk. The from dusk to dawn down to ranges under 400 yards. You must take shifts and do other things to stay alert so once again it take numbers. You need extra people to cover the sick, injured and of course the dead. Do you plan to have a grave dug ahead of time? Might be a good idea.

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