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Debt Default Will Kill the Dollar – Brandon Smith

from USA Watchdog:

Economic and political writer Brandon Smith thinks America is in deep financial trouble, and the Fed knows it.

Smith contends, “First of all, I’d like to point out that at the end of last year, I brought up the prospect to the alternative economics community that the ‘taper’ was real, that the Fed would start cutting QE stimulus. I received a pretty negative response from that concept, which is understandable because a lot of people in alternative economics and the liberty movement are focused on the concept of hyperinflation through printing. I am pointing out through my articles on ‘taper’ that there is more than one way to kill the dollar. It’s not just about printing. There is also the issue about debt default and how that can kill the dollar’s world reserve status and kill the dollar’s value in the process. So, the ‘taper’ is a huge part of that process of debt default.”

Smith goes on to say, “I find it interesting the Federal Reserve institutes the ‘taper’ just before we saw major downturns in global manufacturing. The Baltic Dry Index is starting to crash again. We’re starting to see trouble in emerging market currencies.

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1 comment to Debt Default Will Kill the Dollar – Brandon Smith

  • Z

    The US no longer has “dollars”. What we now have are Federal Reserve notes that masquerade as dollars. We have a system that was purposely designed and legalized in order to defraud the populous while extracting the fruits & products of their labors and transferring them into the hands of the few who run and understand its workings. This system is enforced with the full force of the federal government…

    In the words of a person who will remain unnamed: “If the IRS determines that you owe them taxes it does not matter where you are. You can be hiding in the middle of the Brazilian rainforest and they will parachute agents in there to get you…”

    The dollar is gone. What is failing or “dying” is the system that has replaced it.

    Dollars or Units DOLLARS OR UNITS–each to be of the value of

    a Spanish milled dollar as the same is now

    current, and to contain three hundred and

    seventy-one grains and four sixteenth parts

    of a grain of pure, or four hundred and

    sixteen grains of standard silver.

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