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DARPA Developing ‘One Shot XG’ Sniper Scope

by Chris Carrington, Activist Post:

In view of the ongoing militarization of law enforcement agencies across the country, anything the military is developing is of interest as it will most likely find its way into the back of one of the armored vehicles that police forces are so fond of acquiring these days.

The United States Army is currently testing ‘smart rifle’ technology that is designed to improve the accuracy of shots. A spokeswoman confirmed reports that its equipment-testing specialists had acquired six TrackingPoint rifles as part of efforts to identify state-of-the-art equipment.

If the trigger is pressed nothing happens unless the shot is correctly lined up. This assures a hit as it prevents firing in error if the range is incorrect. It also eliminates trigger jerk.

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2 comments to DARPA Developing ‘One Shot XG’ Sniper Scope

  • CalsailX

    Improving the accuracy of shots is simple shoot,then shoot some more, however the most important round is that first round from a cold barrel.

    “Smart rifle” nice marketing… let’s not clue them in on how many ways you can make a “smart rifle” dumb on a modern battle field.

    • jonathan

      love the way you broke that down CalsailX. I always say the Feds have some great technology for fighting the terrorists known as the American people. But once the power goes out the men with simple mechanical machinery will dominate.

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