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Comedy of Incompetence at Sochi: Don’t Laugh, America. This is Where We’re Headed

by Gordon Runyan, Freedom Outpost:

The Drudge Report has multiple links this morning about the fiasco that apparently is the Winter Olympics preparation in Sochi. The one that caught my eye is titled, “Sochi is Running Out of Pillows.”

Officials there have somehow managed to get caught off-guard. Turns out, there’s a heckuva lot of people showing up for the Olympics! If only there had been some way to predict this! Then preparations might have been made, and logistics….logiticized, I guess.

There aren’t enough pillows to accommodate all the athletes who will be staying in the Olympic village, so now the construction workers and other staffers are being told they must give up their pillows, so that each Olympian may have one.

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1 comment to Comedy of Incompetence at Sochi: Don’t Laugh, America. This is Where We’re Headed

  • Ed_B

    I hope that the Olympic Siting Committee is satisfied. What a bunch of bungling, bumbling, incompetents! Sochi is a giant cluster-f**k and there is no covering it up. There are so many problems there that they are difficult to track, let alone repair. Even the Chinese had their Olympic games s**t together better than the Russians. Their security arrangements seem to be good but everything else at Sochi is sucking big-time. This siting decision will do more harm to the Olympic games than can be imagined at this time. But these chickens WILL come home to roost. Count on it.

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